The ThermagyTM Lighthouse : Thermoelectric Conversion At Industrial Scale (Energy Harvesting Europe 2017)

Mr Maarten den Heijer, CEO
RGS Development BV

Speaker Biography (Maarten den Heijer)

Ir. Maarten den Heijer ( Msc ) CEO RGS Development B.V.
Business background: Engineering & construction, aerospace & defense, solar & energy.
Profile : Executive and Business management. International business, innovations and investment management .
Drive and track record : Taking technology businesses to the market, based on long year experiences in technology as well as business execution

Company Profile (RGS Development BV)

RGS Development BV logo
RGS Development B.V. is a silicon technology company, specialized in direct casting of silicon and nano structured metal silicide materials into a 2D net shape. RGS Development operates platforms for development and production of silicon, metal silicide or other intermetallic composite materials. RGS serves its customers by creation of distinctive, low cost and scalable solutions for high tech materials for application in growth markets like energy storage, thermoelectric cooling and generation, solar photovoltaics and others.
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