Thermo-electric Conversion Films Fabricated Through Printing Process (Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2012)

Kouji Suemori, Researcher
Mai 16, 2012.


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Presentation Summary

  • Composite materials of carbon nanotube and polymer composite showed flexibility and thermoelectric conversion characteristics.
  • Film-like thermoelectric convertors were fabricated through printing process.
  • Prototype of film like thermoelectric converter sustained no mechanical damage when it was bended at a radius of curvature of 5 mm

Speaker Biography (Kouji Suemori)

Kouji Suemori is a researcher of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. He received his Ph.D. in engineering from Osaka University, Japan, in 2005. His research interests are flexible electronics including organic light emitting diodes, organic transistors, and flexible thermoelectric convertors.

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