Ultra Low Power Outdoor Displays - Enabling New Consumer and Industrial Applications (Printed Electronics Europe 2015)

Jeremy Lock,
Sharp Devices Europe GMBH
United Kingdom
Apr 28, 2015.

Presentation Summary

Growing demand in power sensitive wearable devices is driving Sharp's development of ultra lower outdoor readable displays. These displays also open up new design possibilities for industrial devices. We will show how our technology can enable new applications with intuitive user interfaces in power critical applications.

Company Profile (Sharp Devices Europe GMBH)

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Sharp Devices Europe (SDE) is a German subsidiary of the Sharp Corporation of Japan. Worldwide, Sharp develops core technologies that shape the future of electronics. SDE supplies over 2,000 components including TFT LCDs up to 90", LEDs from 0.5W-100W, opto-electronics, CCD and CMOS sensors, RF and LSI components, and leading housing and integration technologies. This broad portfolio enables innovative solutions for LED lighting, industrial automation, consumer electronics, e-signage, automotive electronics, telecommunications and mobile phones.
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