Up-Coming Industrial Applications Of Graphene Oxide And Graphene Oxide Derivatives (Graphene & 2D Materials Europe 2019)

Dr Rune Wendelbo, CEO
Abalonyx AS


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Europe 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

Graphene oxide and graphene oxide derivatives will be reviewed, with emphasis on industrially useful properties. Thereafter we briefly go through a range of claimed potential application, focusing on the five application that we see now becoming real industrial applications. Finally a graph of present and future cost versus different applications cost tolerance and volumes will be shown and discussed.

Speaker Biography (Rune Wendelbo)

CEO / General Manager at Abalonyx AS. PhD from University of Oslo, 1987. Researcher at SINTEF from 1988 - 2005. Established Abalonyx in 2005 and Graphene Batteries in 2012. In Abalonyx, scaling up of graphene oxide has been a central activity in the past 8 years, with the successful verification of a scalable, safe and cheap production process in September 2017. In Graphene Batteries the focus is on graphene oxide to stabilize sulfur in the cathode of LiS-batteries.

Company Profile (Abalonyx AS)

Abalonyx AS logo
Abalonyx AS is a Norway based company engaged in production and R&D related to graphene oxide and graphene oxide derivatives since 2008. We produce and sell graphene oxide (GO) and derivative products, including thermally reduced graphene oxide (rGO) in Kg-quantities. Since 2018 we work directly with industrial customers developing several derivatives for special applications, including protective coatings for autoparts, remediation of water contaminated with radio nuclides and loadspeaker membranes. We are also involved in collaborative development of modified GO and rGO for use in composites for construction materials, certain sports equipment and energy storage.
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