Up-scaling of Flexible Thin Film Plastic Photovoltaics for Energy Harvesting and Off-Grid Solar (Printed Electronics Europe 2015)

Dr Michael Niggemann, Chief Technology Officer
Eight19 Ltd
United Kingdom
Apr 28, 2015.

Presentation Summary

• The low weight, flexibility and excellent low light performance make OPV highly suitable for energy harvesting and off-grid applications in the near term.
• We will present and discuss use-cases for OPV representing various illumination scenarios.
• We will present the status of the technology with regard to performance, durability and Roll-to-Roll up-scaling.

Speaker Biography (Michael Niggemann)

Dr. Michael Niggemann is CTO at Eight19 Ltd. He was involved in the spin out process of from the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge in 2010. Prior to this, he was heading the organic photovoltaics activity at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) in Freiburg, Germany. He holds a Doctorate in Natural Sciences from the Faculty of Applied Sciences at the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg, Germany.

Company Profile (Eight19)

Eight19 logo
Eight19, located in Cambridge, UK, develops and manufactures plastic photovoltaics for energy harvesting, for the internet of things and for off-grid applications. Through the innovative use of industry-standard, high-volume, roll-to-roll processes and solution-based organic photoactive materials, the company has a highly cost-effective route for scaling-up its technology to supply the largest markets. Eight19 is currently producing modules on a small scale for commercial partners with applications in indoor energy harvesting for signage and lighting and outdoor power for portable electronics. Our plastic PV modules benefit from flexibility, thinness, light-weight and robustness. They also demonstrate excellent low-light performance for indoor use.
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