Wave Energy Generation Difficulties Solved by Eco Wave Power (Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2012)

Mr David Leb, Founder
Eco Wave Power
Mai 15, 2012.


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Speaker Biography (David Leb)

David Leb is associated with worldwide holdings in multitudinous companies, alongside, involved in real estate and web-marketing.
His attentiveness in the oceanic energy field was awakened after the purchase of a Panamanian surf camp, Rancho Estero, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
Whilst sitting on the beach of Rancho Estero, David watched surfers utilizing the power of the waves to their advantage. David realized there could be a fair possibility to use wave energy in other forms. He advanced to research the wave energy field, eventually attaining the conclusion that: The Oceanic energy field has vast ecological, social and economical potential. On this note David founded Eco Wave Power Company, and affirms the possibilities of granting nations worldwide with leading-edge, cost-efficient methods for obtaining energy from waves.

Company Profile (Eco Wave Power)

Eco Wave Power logo
Eco Wave Power is an advanced and innovative international wave power developer, headquartered in Israel. The company has developed proprietary technology for extracting energy from ocean waves and converting it into electricity.
The EWP wave energy converter is a robust and inexpensive technology to harvest wave energy from high and low waves, while offering technical advantages over competing systems.
Our system is being developed to produce electricity for cheaper price then coal, natural gas, onshore wind, Solar, or any other Green energy technologies. This will be achieved by using low cost materials, low maintenance prices and periods still yielding long life expectancies.
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