Wearable Electronic Solutions - mystic, challenging or reality explained at the first telecommunication glove G-cell and power heating (Printed Electronics Europe 2009)

Dr Hans-Walter Praas, Managing Director
TEXSYS, Germany
Apr 08, 2009.


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Presentation Summary

  • Technical requirements on PCB, FPC and assembly for wearable applications
  • Electronic design and reliability studies for embedded glove and power heating solutions
  • Technology and product roadmap 2010/11

Speaker Biography (Hans-Walter Praas)

Dr. Hans-Walter Praas (44) married 2 kids, master degree in physics and ph.D. in Chemistry started his industrial charier at Varta AG R&D Centre Germany where he colleted first experience in lead acid and lithium ion battery technology. After five years he became project and team manager for Lithium batteries at the Varta consumer battery division. As co-founder, CTO and business development manager he enlarged his professionally in consumer Lithium Polymer production at IONITY AG.
After a successful business development approach in nano-scale cathode materials he started the Texsys GmbH which distribute, develops and scale up wearable technology products in health, leisure and sportive business. In 2006 he launched first "phone glove" idea in 2007 which was marketed under full industrialisation in 2008/9. Furthermore as technology power source incubator he develops and produces wearable heating solutions.
As a senior consultant power management of a mobile com provider, he has full access to innovative power sources and connectivity's. He is held advisory board seats in energy storage orientated technical start-up firm in automotive, industrial and consumer field.
In 2006 he started work in professional video imaging and surveillance systems which are powered by DMFC based micro fuel and high tech Lithium batteries.

Company Profile (TEXSYS GmbH)

TEXSYS GmbH logo
Assistant living solutions round the world was the mission when Texsys was founded 3 years ago. The centre of competence was built in the heart of Europe's Silicon Valley called Silicon Saxony. Here we found all technical partners with their latest technology solutions and innovative backbone in Europe.
More than 3 years from first idea of the "communication glove" until full production scale up and market penetration was the honour for such innovative work. Texsys GmbH the synonym for high reliable, extreme complex (wearable) electronic solutions features large variety of products and intermediates from basic contract engineering, over electronic architectures, system, industrial and product designs until full turn key solution in the field of wireless communication, video imaging and power heating devices.
Texsys GmbH offers solution for comfort living in texiles and electronics, like integrated heating pads, touch pads and transmitters for medical issue, 3G transmitting video cameras, Bluetooth communication systems and high efficient solar panels for cell phones.
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