A New Dawn for Green Hydrogen? An Introduction to the Green Hydrogen and Electrolyzer Market

Previous periods of interest in green hydrogen and the hydrogen economy have waned without the rapid growth or transformational shifts anticipated by some. Difficulty in producing green hydrogen cost-effectively, developing the necessary transport and distribution infrastructure, and alternatives to hydrogen in end-use sectors have been contributing factors. Nevertheless, green hydrogen offers a route to decarbonizing a number of hard-to-abate industries. Over the past year, ambitious policy announcements from the EU and USA, alongside targets, goals and strategies from other regions, has renewed interest in clean and green hydrogen. Decarbonization, energy security, and a desire to capture a portion of a burgeoning market, are the driving forces behind these policies.
However, current hydrogen production is reliant on the reformation of natural gas or gasification of coal and, while generally cheap, results in the emission of CO2. To produce green hydrogen, electrolyzers are powered by renewable or low-carbon electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Electrolyzers are, therefore, the key technology underpinning the development of a low-carbon, green hydrogen market and the availability, cost, and performance of these electrolyzer systems will be critical in enabling cost-effective green hydrogen production. This IDTechEx webinar will highlight the key factors driving growth in green hydrogen, introduce electrolyzer technologies and their performance characteristics, and provide an overview on the current electrolyzer market landscape.
The webinar will:
  • Discuss the drivers behind green hydrogen demand
  • Provide an introduction to electrolyzer technologies, innovations and trends
  • Outline the key challenges to adoption
  • Provide an introduction into the electrolyzer market landscape
This webinar shares some of the research from the new IDTechEx report, "Green Hydrogen Production: Electrolyzer Markets 2023-2033".