How Autonomous and Connected Vehicles Unlock Convenience and Safety

For the first time, autonomous technologies are hitting the roads in multiple regions around the world. With this brings an era-defining shift in how we interact with vehicles. There are cars on the road today that no longer require supervision under some tightly controlled scenarios. As this technology spreads and develops, it will bring never-before-seen convenience to driving.
Along with convenience, the automotive industry is hoping that autonomous technologies can provide driving safety that would be unachievable for human drivers. Supported by a suite of superhuman sensing capabilities, they will be able to see dangers and hazards that would be invisible to regular drivers. In the future, connectivity will bring collaborative sensing, and cars will be informed of hazards that are outside of line of sight and impossible to see otherwise.
This webinar covers the current state of autonomous technologies from both a convenience and safety perspective. It covers IDTechEx's research and findings in relation to autonomous car safety and how they compare to humans. Furthermore, connectivity features are discussed, and this webinar explains what is currently being used in cars and what the future holds. Finally, this webinar will explain how software-defined vehicles tie into all these topics and how they are creating another paradigm shift in how people will own and interact with their vehicles.
Within this webinar, the viewer can expect to learn:
  • The current deployment of SAE level 3 technologies on the road
  • The next steps in the development of level 3 technologies
  • How autonomous vehicles can contribute to improved safety
  • How connected technologies are the end game for automotive safety
  • What connected features are already being used in cars
  • What an SDV is and how it links to connectivity, autonomy and more.
This webinar shares some of the research from the IDTechEx autonomy market research portfolio.
Dr James Jeffs, Senior Technology Analyst at IDTechEx
James Falkiner, Technology Analyst at IDTechEx