The Trends and Movements Shaking Up Additive Manufacturing

IDTechEx's recent exploration of the additive manufacturing market forecast that the industry will surpass US$44 billion in revenue by 2033. Driving the billion-dollar momentum of the 3D printing industry is increasing adoption by high-value end-users. With more critical assessment about the value that 3D printing brings to their business and supply chain, printer and material demand is increasing to support 3D printing as a source of custom tools, jigs, and fixtures, as a method for building complex designs, or as a flexible production tool.
The 3D printing market continues to innovate in new technological and material directions, even as market leaders look to consolidation as a way of achieving profitability. With these innovations and market moves, 3D printing OEMs are presenting more compelling high-value applications of additive manufacturing. Still, there are overarching challenges bogging the industry down that present concerns for the long-term growth of 3D printing.
As such, IDTechEx will critically examine both the current trends, relevant market news, promising successes, and continuing challenges for the adoption of 3D printing, using this framework to highlight the applications where additive manufacturing has the highest growth potential. IDTechEx's presentation of the trends and movements shaking up the additive manufacturing landscape will provide viewers with ample information to understand the trajectory of this multi-billion dollar market.
In this webinar, IDTechEx will:
  • Identify technical and material trends within the 3D printing market
  • Highlight key developments influencing AM's rise, including discussion on relevant players and news
  • Present IDTechEx's outlook on the AM market
This webinar will share some of the research from the new IDTechEx report, "3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing 2024-2034: Technology and Market Outlook".