EV land sea and air - new journal uniquely reaches everyone in EV's

Dr Peter Harrop
EV land sea and air - new journal uniquely reaches everyone in EV's
Coming this December, is a new quarterly hardcopy publication that guarantees to report and comment on what's happening in the world of electric and hybrid vehicles— well beyond the concept cars of the international auto shows.
As much of this involves a large amount of printed and potentially printed electronics, it will be of great interest to those in this business wishing to reach a wider audience. Traction batteries, control circuits, energy harvesting in and on vehicles, wireless sensors in electric vehicles and weight reduction by printing lighting and electrics in future vehicles all involve printed electronics - a booming application sector.
EV Land Sea and Air is about real business and technology opportunities that are happening now in military, marine and aircraft markets and the less glitzy arenas of buses, trucks, forklifts, e bikes and scooters, mobility aids for the disabled etc.
The first edition looks in detail at East Asia, at land vehicles, subsea vehicles and military vehicles for land, sea and air plus latest news. A host of companies are mentioned, probably including your own, and you can leverage this with your advertised message.
Produced jointly by IDTechEx and Energy Storage Publishing Ltd., EV Land Sea and Air will offer unrivalled analysis and content on everything from the vehicles, battery technologies, motors, energy harvesting and control systems to new materials and assembly techniques.
"Just 10% of electric vehicles sold in 2015 will be cars, says Contributing Editor Dr Peter Harrop. " EV Land Sea and Air will primarily be examining what's going on in the other 90%, which is where the money will be made for the supply chain."
To find out more about advertising opportunities contact Gerry Woolf, Publisher or Karen Hampton, Advertising Manager on +44 0845 194 7338 ( e-mail gerry@bestmag.co.uk advertising@bestmag.co.uk ) and ask about launch issue special deals.
The journal will be launched at the IDTechEx "Future of Electric Vehicles" conference and exhibition in San Jose, CA on Dec 7-8 www.IDTechEx.com/fev.