New IDTechEx Report - Fluoropolymer Markets in Electrics, Electronics

New IDTechEx Report - Fluoropolymer Markets in Electrics, Electronics
IDTechEx have released a brand new report - "Fluoropolymer Markets in Electrics, Electronics 2021-2041" - 5G, 6G, THz, EV, tribo, fuel cell, solar, battery, sensor
New applications and formulations power this market to over $14 billion in 2041
The primary purpose of the new IDTechEx report, "Fluoropolymer Markets in Electrics, Electronics 2021-2041" , is to assist those making fluoropolymers and added value materials containing fluoropolymers to find new markets, improve margins and achieve growth in sales and profitability 2021-2041. It will also assist those seeking to design and make future electronic and electrical products to understand where fluoropolymers will fit in as they improve.
Learn the remarkable expanding repertoire of fluorocarbon properties relevant to new devices and structures. See the 20 year roadmaps and forecasts. The report also adds value by giving many examples of latest research coupled to IDTechEx assessment of the most promising emerging applications.
The methodology is based on experienced IDTechEx multi-lingual PhD level analysts, interviews, privileged databases and benchmarking. For example, the primary author of this report patented RF sputtering of PTFE in 1968 finding many properties were retained. In 2017, 3M developed a technology to 3D print fully fluorinated polymers and IDTechEx are experts in 3D printing. IDTechEx has depth of understanding and is globally respected on the subjects it chooses to study. We distil this into commercial and societal opportunities not academic treatises.
Here is a story of how electronics and electrical engineering applications over the next twenty years will exploit the traditional benefits in combination with other parameters, mainly electrical, that many suppliers have yet to measure let alone optimise and guarantee. This limits competition which is good for the informed few. This report, "Fluoropolymer Markets in Electrics, Electronics 2021-2041" answers the following questions and more.
  • Value market size 2021-2041 with split by territory
  • Split by molecule and electric vs electronic at key future dates
  • Roadmap of major new applications 2021-2041 and fluoropolymer needs for these
  • IDTechEx background forecasts: 5G hardware, appropriate batteries, electric cars, piezo etc
  • Gaps in market and the most commercially impactful improvements needed
  • Relevant research pipeline and prospects
  • Significance of new formats and deposition being commercialised eg 3DP, RF sputter
  • Newly important parameters giving future market advantage
  • Detailed prospects in 5G, 6G, the new THz electronics, electric vehicles, triboelectrics, fuel cells, high power photovoltaics, Li-ion, Li-metal and redox batteries, sensors etc.
The Executive Summary and Conclusions is sufficient for those in a hurry seeking the full picture in only 30 pages of clear new infograms, tables, graphs and explanation. The 23 pages of forecasts following this can be referred to as required. The 40 page Introduction then looks at the molecular options and the properties and applications emerging from them. Understand how these will even embrace electronic paint and elastomers, 2D, self-healing and biodegradable fluoropolymers for electronics and electrics. Learn here the good and bad toxicant issues and the new recycling.
Chapter 3 has 28 pages on the huge emerging 5G wireless technology markets and how fluoropolymers will play a part. Chapter 4 covers the new terahertz electronics and particularly 6G wireless bursting on the scene in a decade from now, giving the opportunities.
Chapter 5 is "Fluoropolymers in Electric Vehicles" in only five detailed pages because major aspects such as batteries are covered separately. Indeed, Chapter 6 covers "Fluoropolymers in Vehicle Autonomy Radar" in 24 slides. Chapter 7 "Fluoropolymers in Emerging Energy Harvesting, Sensors and Actuators" needs 35 densely packed comparisons, pictures and text, because so much is happening. Chapter 8 "Triboelectric face masks, electrostatic filters, energy harvesting: a fluoropolymer-centric new technology" takes 40 pages to help you decide if this becomes a $40 billion market as some researchers believe or a damp squib. We put it somewhere in between and assess the penetration of different fluoropolymers. IDTechEx ends with seven pages on "Other Emerging Applications in Electronics/Electrics". The report comes with 30 minutes of free consultancy to fill in the gaps.
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