Research Articles

by Dr David Wyatt

25 Nov 2022

Investments in Low Carbon Hydrogen Spark Hope for Fuel Cell Vehicles

The race to decarbonize on-road vehicles is undoubtedly being led by battery-electric powertrains. However, the superior energy density of fuel cell systems, when compared to today's Li-ion battery systems, means that they can deliver a greater range for the same system weight.
17 Nov 2022

Electric Truck Deployment Ready for Acceleration in 2023

Though battery-electric models currently make up only a small fraction of total global truck sales (around 0.4% in 2021), it is already clear that the transition from diesel combustion engines to zero-emission technologies is well underway.
16 Sep 2022

Company Net-Zero Targets Fuel the Adoption of Zero-Emission Trucks

The sustainability of business operations is now a key consideration in the boardrooms of major corporations, and this is fuelling significant demand for zero-emission trucks. Transitioning truck fleets from diesel combustion engines to zero-emission powertrains is a very visible way for companies to demonstrate their green credentials to their customers whilst delivering a meaningful reduction in their carbon footprint.
19 Aug 2022

Construction Industry Emission Targets Demand Electric Machines

With increasing scrutiny of the environmental impact of current building practices, the electrification of mobile construction machinery offers construction companies a relatively near-term opportunity to demonstrate their environmental credentials.
18 Jul 2022

Zero-Emission Truck Market Primed for Growth

The vast majority of new trucks sold today are powered by diesel engines, but like other on-road vehicle segments, this is set to change.
05 Apr 2022

IDTechEx debate sobre cómo resolver los retos de la electrificación de las máquinas de construcción móviles

Los fabricantes del mercado de equipos de construcción, con un valor de 200.000 millones de dólares, se enfrentan a un complejo reto. Deben reducir en gran medida su dependencia del combustible diésel, que es el sustento de su maquinaria móvil, y pasar a tecnologías de menores emisiones.
15 Mar 2022

Las máquinas de construcción eléctricas son vitales para una construcción más ecológica

Se calcula que las máquinas de construcción generan unas 400 Mt de emisiones de CO2 al año, lo que supone alrededor del 1,1% de las emisiones mundiales de CO2. Por tanto, la descarbonización de las máquinas móviles no de carretera será un factor importante en los esfuerzos por limitar el cambio climático global. Con un número cada vez mayor de países de todo el mundo que se comprometen a un futuro con cero emisiones de carbono, la industria de la construcción se enfrenta a un creciente escrutinio de sus emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero.
14 Feb 2022

Fuel Cells Are Not the Problem, the Hydrogen Fuel Is

On the face of it, 2021 was a good year for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) in passenger car markets. Toyota, with their second generation Mirai FCEV, and Hyundai, with their NEXO FCEV, both had record sales, which largely made up for Honda announcing in June 2021 that it had decided to pull the plug on production of their Honda Clarity FCV (citing the lack of hydrogen infrastructure and weak demand).
08 Nov 2021

Fuel Cells: The Need for Long Range Zero Emission Vehicles

All major players in the automotive industry are racing to develop and deploy zero-emission vehicles: a tumultuous change in powertrain technology is underway. The new report from IDTechEx, "Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles 2022-2042", analyzes the role of fuel cells in on-road vehicles.
11 Oct 2021

Decarbonizing Road Transport: A $160 Billion Role for Fuel Cells

Incorporating a fuel cell into an electric vehicle powertrain, generating electricity from hydrogen, offers a technology pathway that delivers the critical reduction in on-road exhaust emissions whilst overcoming the potential range and charging limitations of battery electric vehicles (BEV). IDTechEx's analysis in their new report, "Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles 2022-2042", forecasts the market value of on-road fuel cell vehicles will grow to $160 billion in 2042 at a CAGR of 23.9% over the 20-year forecast period.
09 Sep 2021

Electric Vehicles Taking Over the Roads, Seas and Skies

World Electric Vehicle Day is here, and, as an industry analyst, it presents a great occasion to take a retrospective look at the past decade of innovation and disruption.
19 Aug 2021

National Aviation Day: Bumblebees and Electric Aircraft Cannot Fly

To mark National Aviation Day, a celebration of the history and development of aviation, IDTechEx analysts consider the future of electric aircraft.