Research Articles

by Dr David Wyatt

20 Mar 2020

Electric Medium and Heavy-Duty Trucks; Evolution and Revolution

Along with the rest of the automotive sector, the medium and heavy-duty truck market is evolving. Governments around the world, recognising the potentially catastrophic repercussions of unfettered climate change and witnessing the detrimental impact on human health from vehicle exhaust pollutant emissions in urban environments, are taking decisive action, that will, in the coming decades, drive vehicle manufacturers to zero on-road exhaust emission powertrain solutions. Consequently, the days of the fossil fuel powered combustion engine are numbered.
28 Feb 2020

Global Production of Electric Light Commercial Vehicles

Global Production of Electric Light Commercial Vehicles to Exceed 2.4 Million Units Annually by 2030 Forecasts IDTechEx. The light commercial vehicle market is at the dawn of a revolution; the future is electric.
13 Jan 2020

Newly Updated Report from IDTechEx "Electric Trucks 2020-2030"

IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr David Wyatt has recently published a report update "Electric Truck 2020-2030", focusing on electrification in the medium and heavy-duty truck markets, providing a comprehensive set of market forecasts.
02 Aug 2019

Massive Opportunity for EV Start-ups

The electric vehicle market is growing rapidly and, as Tesla has demonstrated, the market is not restricted to the established automotive OEMs. Indeed, the automotive landscape is changing as traditional internal combustion engines are being replaced by all-electric systems, in order to meet ever more stringent on-road emission legislation.