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Tesla, Inc.
23 Sep 2022


CATL are the leading manufacturer of Li-ion batteries globally.
20 Sep 2022

Tinci Materials

Tinci (Guangzhou Tinci Materials Company ltd) are a Chinese chemicals manufacturer and one of the leading suppliers of Li-ion electrolytes.
14 Sep 2022

Very High Speed Motor Offers Improved Power Density for EVs

Engineers have built a new high-speed motor which has the potential to increase the range of electric vehicles. The design of the prototype IPMSM type motor was inspired by the shape of the longest railroad bridge in South Korea and has achieved speeds of 100,000 revolutions per minute.
7 Sep 2022

IONETIC Reveals EV Battery Pack Technology

IONETIC launches its state-of-the-art EV battery pack design platform, which can cut the development cost and time for automotive manufacturers bringing a new electric vehicle to market.
17 Aug 2022

Record Electric Car Sales as Governments Double Down on Support

While 2022 continues to add to the challenges electric vehicle (EV) makers face, markets are still growing. Indeed, electric car sales for the first half of 2022 reached ~3.5 million, according to IDTechEx research.
17 Aug 2022

Boundary Layer Technologies: Hydrofoiling Hydrogen Container Ships

Boundary Layer Technologies, a Californian start-up founded in 2018, is launching a highly efficient hydrofoiling electric ferry called Electra. IDTechEx also learned of the company's ambitious plans for a high-speed, zero-emission cargo ship powered by onboard liquid hydrogen, for launch circa 2025.
15 Aug 2022

Plugless Power

Plugless Power Inc. is a privately held company based in Houston, Texas, that developed and manufactured low power wireless charging equipment for electric vehicles. It offered its products as a premium aftermarket accessory through 2016 to 2019 before stopping all sales. IDTechEx spoke to its CEO, Michael Rai Anderson, to understand the state of the company and future outlook.
12 Aug 2022


WiTricity is a wireless charging company spun-out from the physics department at MIT and has over 1200 patents in the field. It licenses its IP to auto OEMs and tier 1s looking to introduce wireless charging platforms as well as offering its own product. IDTechEx spoke to David Schatz, VP of Sales and Business Development at WiTricity, to understand its technology and business model.
10 Aug 2022

Electric Cars H1 2022: Targets, Sales & Shortages

In this premium article, IDTechEx provides an overview of the multiple industry shortages, an update on global car sales data for H1 2022, and highlights three approaches to improve drive cycle efficiency: 800V platforms, high voltage cabling, and solar bodywork.
8 Aug 2022

UltraSense Systems: All-in-One AI Haptic Processor

Headquartered in San Jose, USA, UltraSense Systems is a startup offering its haptic process for both sensing touch and driving actuators, focused on pioneering smart surfaces with rapid product integration capabilities.
5 Aug 2022

Powertrain Efficiency: Sustaining EV Growth in an Era of Shortages

2022 continues to present great challenges for electric vehicle makers, but despite these challenges electric vehicle markets have continued to grow. However, in an era of shortages, disruption is inevitable. IDTechEx believes improvements to drive cycle efficiency and vehicle design, minimizing battery capacity and other material requirements per vehicle, must come to the forefront.
4 Aug 2022

BSL Battery

BSL Battery operates in China and develops and sells batteries into the solar/residential and low speed vehicle markets.
2 Aug 2022

Market Update on Electric Cars in Europe

This IDTechEx premium article provides an update on electric car markets in the EU, UK, and EFTA in 2022, including an update on H1 sales, market trends, policy drivers, and battery trends.
26 Jul 2022

Market Update on Electric Cars in the US

This IDTechEx premium article provides an update on electric car markets in the US in 2022, including an update on annual and monthly sales, market trends, policy drivers, and battery trends.
5 Jul 2022

Tesla: Electric Truck

Tesla design and manufacture electric vehicles. It has been reported that Tesla's highly anticipated Class 8 tractor, the Tesla Semi, will finally go into production in 2023, some four years behind the initial schedule.
29 Jun 2022

Automotive Autonomy: A New Opportunity for Thermal Materials

IDTechEx's new report, "Thermal Management for ADAS: 2023-2033" finds that the yearly market value for thermal interface materials (TIMs) in ADAS will increase 11-fold over the next 10 years.
23 Jun 2022

XPeng (2022)

XPeng is a publicly listed Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer that targets the mid- to high-end passenger vehicle segment. It offers SUVs and sedans with autonomous driving capabilities. IDTechEx spoke to its European business development and product specialist team at EVS35 as they now expand overseas.
15 Jun 2022

Pure Watercraft

Pure Watercraft is an electric outboard maker, which recently received a landmark investment and partnership from General Motors. IDTechEx caught up with General Motors to learn more.
13 Jun 2022

Octopus Energy Enters German Renewable Market with First Wind Farm

Octopus Energy Group's generation arm has signed its first renewable generation deal in Germany, helping to boost the country's energy security.
6 Jun 2022

Zendar: High Performance, Cheap Automotive Radar

Zendar is a start-up working on improving automotive radar. Zendar believes that current automotive radar is limited by the weak computational processing power embedded in the sensor. They suggest a move to a central processing unit with more computational power which can handle multiple radar front-ends at one time. This would be a similar architecture to Tesla in the way it handles its camera information.