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3 Jan

Australian battery saves $40 million in its first year

Neoen has revealed that its Hornsdale Power Reserve has exceeded all performance and market expectations after just one year in operation.
24 Dec

Thor Trucks

Technology analyst Luke Gear reports on his findings on Thor Trucks at the IDTechEx Show! USA 2018.
21 Dec

Electric motorcycles: the search for new markets

Zero Motorcycles have exhibited at the past two IDTechEx events, and typically showcase their sporty S and off-road DS models, as well as their impressive 45kW electric motors (designed from scratch in California and produced at a factory in China). This year, at the IDTechEx Show! in Santa Clara California, things were markedly different.
20 Dec


Technology analyst Luke Gear reports on his findings on Energica at the IDTechEx Show! USA 2018.
17 Dec

Making Sense of Opposite Views on Fuel Cell Vehicles

Fuel cell vehicles are being trialled in mines, on farms, in construction, on roads, as boats, as trains.
5 Dec

Learnings from Battery and Energy Warwick University 4-5 Dec 2018

At "Battery and Energy" Warwick University UK Day One with about 100 delegates and 10 table top exhibitors.
20 Nov

Rogers Corporation

Rogers Corporation develops aluminium and copper interconnects for EV Li-ion batteries. Although their primary focus is on interconnects for cylindrical cells, they also develop solutions for prismatic and pouch cells.
19 Nov

Electric Vehicle Futures at the IDTechEx Show! Silicon Valley

Many new electric vehicles were on display at the IDTechEx Show! on November 14-15 in Santa Clara, but that was the tip of the iceberg. The event had a hidden message; the future enabling technologies for electric vehicles (EVs) from buses to cars to mining vehicles.
13 Nov

VW to produce 50 million electric cars?

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess says VW have sourced the batteries for 50 million electric cars.
7 Nov

The Holy Grail of baseload tidal power

Nova Innovation announces the integration of its tidal energy array with Tesla battery storage. The Tesla Powerpack was successfully integrated with Nova's existing tidal array, delivering the world's first grid-connected 'baseload' tidal power station.
6 Nov

Australia's first off-grid, solar and battery powered classroom

Queensland turned on the sun for the official launch of Australia's first off-grid, solar and battery powered classroom - The Hivve at Bracken Ridge State High School in Brisbane.
30 Oct

Electriq~Global launches water-based fuel to power electric vehicles

An Australian-Israeli startup has found a way to use water in order to power electric vehicles.
28 Sep

The state of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure

The global electric vehicle population reached 3 million units at the end of 2017, which represents approximately 0.23% of the global vehicle population. Electric vehicle producers have responded to consumer's range anxiety by increasing the available range per charge in their vehicles to more than 200 miles. However ultimately the deployment of electric vehicles will depend on the deployment of ubiquitous chargers.
19 Sep

Improvement in liquid batteries, electric car refuelling in minutes

One of the biggest drawbacks of electric vehicles - that they require hours and hours to charge - could be obliterated by a new type of liquid battery that is roughly ten times more energy-dense than existing models.
18 Sep

Alta Motors

Alta Motors is an electric motorcycle start-up with a focus on off-road competition bikes. The company is making inroads in the U.S. market, with plans to expand internationally by 2020.
14 Sep

Large Opportunity for 48VMH Medium and Large Trucks?

Like the car equivalents, 48V mild hybrid trucks do not start as electric vehicles (driving the wheels electrically some or all of the time) but they are headed that way.
12 Sep

Walmart Canada 100 percent alternatively powered vehicles by 2028

Walmart Canada announced plans to power its fleet using 100 per cent alternative power by 2028. To meet that goal, the company has announced plans to acquire an additional 30 Tesla 18-wheeler semi-trucks, building on its original order of 10 trucks in November 2017.
11 Sep


Nuvve is a San Diegan company that provides the tools that facilitate 'vehicle to grid' (or 'v2g') services for electric vehicles, with a focus on the software aggregation platform rather than the hardware (bi-directional chargers). The company is global and has received major investment from utilities like EDF Renewables.
6 Sep

More torque for hydrogen-powered vehicles

IDTechEx Research has just published a new report 'Fuel Cell Vehicles 2019-2029'. Fuel cells are commercially successful in stationary applications but commercially unsuccessful in vehicles, beyond a few thousand purchased for material handling vehicles, notably forklifts.
4 Sep


TransPower is a fast growing startup founded in 2010, dedicated to bringing pure electric and fuel cell / electric hybrid trucks to market. With recent partnerships from Peterbilt, an American trucking OEM, and Meritor, the company has launched a new facility in Escondido just north of San Diego to ramp-up production. They have currently sold around 50 pure electric or fuel cell heavy-duty vehicles.