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The Technology Partnership (TTP) makes new technology and new products possible by the way we work. We build teams of talented, bright, accomplished people and give them the freedom to share their knowledge and enthusiasm within the business. We have a commitment to world-class engineering and science and firmly believe it can have a huge impact on the commercial success of our clients. A team over 300 exceptionally skilled and accomplished scientists, engineers and business innovators, with in-depth industry expertise, work closely with our customers to turn great ideas into reality. We invent, design, develop and engineer new products, processes and instruments. The scope and variety of our projects can be very different, but we routinely define the need, assess the market opportunity, specify the goals, create the solution, build the prototypes, engineer for production and then transfer the output into a manufacturing supply chain. External Link
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TTP plc
7 Mar 2024

Lidar 2024-2034: Technologies, Players, Markets & Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
1 Nov 2023

Micro-LED Displays 2024-2034: Technology, Commercialization, Opportunity, Market and Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
25 Nov 2019

Siemens and juwi Partner for Microgrids in the Mining Industry

Siemens and the renewable energy developer juwi have joined forces to enter into a strategic technology partnership to focus on microgrids in the mining industry.
28 Apr 2016

Improving The Performance Of Additive Manufacturing Tools Using Knowledge Of The End Application

TTP, United Kingdom
28 Apr 2016

Smart Lighting - The Backbone For Smart City Applications

The Technology Partnership plc, United Kingdom
30 Apr 2015

The European IDTechEx Energy Harvesting and IoT Awards 2015

The winners of the 2015 European IDTechEx Energy Harvesting and IoT Awards were announced yesterday in Berlin, Germany during the IDTechEx Show!, which took place at the Estrel Hotel and Convention Center this week. Over 2,000 delegates were in attendance at Europe's premier show on the latest developments in emerging technologies
28 Apr 2015

The IoT and Street Lighting: 200k Nodes and Counting

The Technology Partnership plc, United Kingdom
23 Apr 2015

Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe 2015

28-29 April, Estrel Convention Center, Berlin, Germany. In less than one week, the seventh annual IDTechEx event will provide valuable insight into energy harvesting technologies and their applications.
9 Apr 2015

Energy harvesting meets IoT: 4questions, 3 presenters...

DTechEx analysts asked a few questions to some of the presenters at the IDTechEx conferences on Energy Harvesting and IoT coming up on 28-29 April in Berlin, Germany.
20 Nov 2014

Energy Harvesting & Storage and IoT Applications Awards USA 2014

The winners of the IDTechEx awards for Energy Harvesting & Storage and the Internet of Things were announced today on the opening day of the largest event IDTechEx has produced to date in California, which is estimated to have attracted over 2,500 attendees at the Santa Clara Convention Centre.
19 Nov 2014

The IoT and Street Lighting: 200k Nodes and Counting

The Technology Partnership plc, United Kingdom
2 Apr 2014

Archipelago Technology debuts new ink manufacturing process in Berlin

Archipelago Technology, at St John's Innovation Centre, has developed a new ink manufacturing process to help unlock the huge potential of printed electronics.
14 Jan 2014

ZBD becomes Displaydata

ZBD has re-branded as Displaydata to reflect its transition to a complete digital display solutions provider that enables retailers to revolutionise the digital experience at the shelf-edge.
23 Sep 2010

New OPV company launched

Cambridge Enterprise, the University of Cambridge's commercialisation office, and the Carbon Trust have announced the launch of Eight19 Limited, a new solar energy company which will develop and manufacture high performance, lower cost plastic solar cells for high-growth volume markets.
21 Sep 2010

Development of roll out solar cells

Rhodia, an international chemical company, has joined with the UK's Carbon Trust in a £4.5 million investment in solar energy start-up Eight19 to develop organic photovoltaic technology.
12 Feb 2009

Development times slashed with new 'Complete Ink Development Tool'

TTP and ImageXpert Inc. are pleased to announce a collaboration to supply a complete ink development tool that will speed up inkjet printhead, ink and system development.
1 Dec 2008

Highlights from the Energy Harvesting Technology Event, London

Raghu Das, CEO at IDTechEx reports on the Energy Harvesting Technology event which looked at the use of technologies to generate electricity from the environment which can be used to power electronics and electrics.
19 Feb 2008

Progress with non silicon photovoltaics in Europe

With increasing global demand for energy sources beyond gas and oil, there is now more effort than ever before on renewable energy, especially photovoltaics.
18 Jul 2007

200 Organisations Now Developing Printed Transistors and Memory

Printing is the basis of the new electronics. As Dr Colin Marsh of The Technology Partnership in the UK says,
12 Feb 2007

Printed Electronics - On Track to a Major Industry

Progress with printed and thin film electronics.