Thermal Management Opportunities in 2023 and Beyond: EVs and Data Centers

Thermal management is a critical consideration in terms of approach and materials for various industries. Two markets where technologies are evolving rapidly are electric vehicles (EVs) and data centers. EVs are a new market with quickly changing drivetrain technology and data centers are heading for higher power densities to meet the increasing demand for computational power, driven by emerging applications like AI and cloud computing.
Both of these markets are expected to grow quickly and present opportunities for suppliers of thermal management systems, components and materials. EVs are heading to faster charging and higher energy density batteries, more efficient motors, wide bandgap power electronics, and have an increasing focus on fire safety. Data centers are being driven to adopt liquid cooling technology over traditional air cooling thanks to the increasing power density of server racks.
This webinar from IDTechEx will provide an overview of the key trends in thermal management in 2023 and for the future with a focus on:
Electric vehicles:
  • Battery strategies
  • Battery thermal interface materials
  • Direct oil cooling electric motors
  • Power electronics and adoption of wide bandgap semiconductors
  • Fire protection materials
Data centers:
  • Increasing design power
  • Liquid cooling thermal management strategies
  • Industrial collaborations and opportunities for players
Immersion cooling is an emerging thermal management strategy for both EVs and data centers. The webinar will also discuss its opportunities, challenges, and progress in each of these growing markets.
This webinar shares some of the thermal management market research from IDTechEx.
Dr James Edmondson - Principal Technology Analyst at IDTechEx
Yulin Wang - Technology Analyst at IDTechEx