Dr James Edmondson Principal Technology Analyst

Dr James Edmondson BSc MPhys MSc PhD is a Principal Technology Analyst at IDTechEx. Having started in 2019, he specialises in the field of market research for materials and thermal management across markets such as electric vehicles, robotics and telecommunications.
He studied for his BSc MPhys in Physics at the University of Warwick, he then went on to study for his MSc PhD in Analytical Science also at the University of Warwick. His specialist area was on the use of electrochemical scanning probe microscopy techniques for mapping structure and functionality of materials at the nanoscale. He has been the lead author of a publications in Applied Surface Science, ChemElectroChem and Analytical Chemistry.
Research Field
With IDTechEx James has focussed on the electric vehicle and 5G markets, considering the thermal management of these areas and the associated material concerns. James has completed reports on Thermal Management for 5G, Thermal Management for EVs, Thermal Interface Materials, Materials for EVs and Electric Motors for EVs. James also oversees the work carried out in IDTechEx's robotics portfolio. He continues to attend events and travel to carry out research in the above fields and has also completed bespoke consultancy projects in these areas.
  • Assessing demand growth for specific metals in electric vehicle powertrain components: An international council wanted a forecast of demand for copper created by the growth in electric vehicles and its associated infrastructure. We carried out a detailed assessment of the markets, identified and analysed the key components using or likely to use copper, and developed various detailed market forecast scenarios.
  • Benchmarking and opportunities for an electric motor technology: A manufacturer of electric motors for electric vehicles approached IDTechEx to provide an independent assessment of their technology and compare it to the options available on the market currently. This had the goal of assisting with their upcoming investment funding rounds. IDTechEx analysed parameters including performance (power, torque density, efficiency etc.), costs and environmental impact. The motor technology was evaluated against competing market options within relevant vehicle segments (cars, trucks etc.). An overview of the relevant patent landscape was provided along with total market forecasts and a specific addressable market forecast for the technology.

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