Opportunities for Sensors in Wearables in 2021

Wearable sensors are a key component for the value proposition behind many wearable devices. The latest report on the topic from IDTechEx estimates that the industry was worth $2.5bn in 2020, and anticipates growth to over $8bn per year in the next decade. This growth comes partially from anticipated future growth in wearables as a whole, but also expects for sensors to capture an increasing proportion of the total value in the sector.
New sensor innovation is critical to product strategies for many prominent devices. A particularly prominent trend sees the adoption of increasingly healthcare-relevant functions within consumer devices. This trend, informally coined by IDTechEx as a category of "potentially medical" devices, involves tens of millions of new product sales each year and many of the largest players in wearables. The expansion of the value proposition for these devices relies closely on the development of the sensors at their core, and whilst progress is incremental rather than sudden, tracking the technical and commercial progress is critical for all players within and around this supply chain.
In this webinar, IDTechEx will summarise the main findings from their latest report on the topic, "Wearable Sensors 2021-2031". Key themes covered will be as follows:
  • Historic data and market forecasts relating to sensor adoption in wearable devices
  • Innovation trends across different sensor types
  • Roadmaps for new sensor adoption
  • Recent commercial highlights from industry events


James Hayward
James Hayward
Research Director, Topic Lead