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Starship Technologies
20 Oct 2023

Outdoor AMRs, Next Driver For Mobile Robotics Market?

In the realm of automation, where innovation meets industry, a groundbreaking revolution is sweeping through the landscape of automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Traditionally confined indoors for tasks like intralogistics and material handling, AGVs are breaking free into the great outdoors, driven by advancements in navigation technologies and the emergence of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).
30 Aug 2023

Mobile Robotics in Logistics, Warehousing and Delivery 2024-2044

IDTechEx Report: Yulin Wang and Dr James Jeffs
14 Apr 2022

Service Robots 2022-2032: Technologies, Players & Markets

IDTechEx Report: Yulin Wang
19 Oct 2021


TeleRetail was founded in 2014 in Switzerland, providing outdoor logistics automation solutions to large industrial companies. TeleRetail is now headquartered in Germany, and has expanded subsidiaries in the US and the UK. The core products include its proprietary Aito AutoPilot autonomous driving system and automated vehicles of different sizes.
30 Mar 2020

Mobile Robots: Coronavirus Pushes Logistic Automation up the Agenda

Recent developments bring into focus the motivation, and at times the imperative, to increase automation in the logistics and delivery chain. IDTechEx have been examining the technological and commercial trends in this field for several years.
23 Dec 2019

Sidewalk Last Mile Delivery Robots: a Billion-Dollar-Market by 2030?

Last mile delivery is the most expensive part of the delivery chain, often representing more than 50% of the overall cost. This is mainly because it is the least productive and automated step. As such, many are seeking to bring automation into the last mile.
2 Dec 2019

Starship Technologies

A robotic delivery company established by the founder of Skype in Estonia and London. It raised $17.2m in 2017 and has a team exceeding 71 employees.
12 Sep 2019

Purdue University welcomes delivery robots

Purdue University's West Lafayette campus is now sharing its sidewalks with a fleet of robots that can deliver meals at the push of a button.
5 Nov 2018

World's first robot package delivery launched publicly

The world's first commercial rollout of autonomous package delivery on the ground, with hundreds of robots from Starship Technologies delivering packages straight to consumers' front doors.
9 May 2018

Starship Technologies commercial rollout of autonomous delivery

A major commercial rollout of autonomous delivery services for corporate and academic campuses across the U.S. and Europe. This comes on top of continued growth in robotic food, grocery and parcel delivery in residential neighbourhoods.
8 Jan 2018

Mobile robots: key to success lies in fleet productivity

Autonomous mobile robots are causing a paradigm shift in the way we envisage commercial and industrial vehicles.
8 Aug 2017

Starship Technologies robotics

This small electrically powered robot with six wheels is designed for 'last mile (2-3 miles)' delivery. 50 such robots have been built to date and the robots have operated in 16 countries.
Included are:
8 Aug 2017


8 Aug 2017

Dispatch (last-mile delivery robots)

18 Apr 2017

Hermes trials self-driving robots in London

Hermes is launching an innovative testing programme for the use of self-driving delivery robots in London.
3 Apr 2017

Pilot program for robotic pizza deliveries

Starship Technologies, the company building a fleet of autonomous robots designed to deliver goods locally, has announced the launch of pizza deliveries in co-operation with Domino's Pizza Enterprises.
17 Jan 2017

Investment in Starship Technologies, manufacturer of delivery robots

In furtherance of its strategic future initiative adVANce Mercedes-Benz Vans invests in Starship Technologies, the world's leading start-up company for the development of ground-based, autonomous delivery robots.
23 Nov 2016

Starship pilot programs in Washington DC and Redwood City CA

Starship Technologies employs the only robotic delivery service in the world testing in real world environments and delivering to real customers. The robots have now covered over 12,600 miles around the world in 16 countries and 58 cities, coming into contact with over 2 million people.
5 Oct 2016

Starship Technologies

Starship Technologies is a robotic delivery company established by the founder of Skype in Estonia and London.
28 Sep 2016

Sidewalk robots partnership with Mercedes-Benz

The worlds first transportation system integrating specially-adapted vans with autonomous delivery robots to allow efficient delivery of goods in neighbourhoods.