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Tesla was founded in 2003 in Silicon Valley and shifted the rather traditional automotive scene in turmoil. Elon Musk, founder and CEO of the company, who is known among other things for his commitment for example Solar City and SpaceX, describes the overarching goal of Tesla thus, drive change from an internal economy to a solar electric industry. After the introduction of the Tesla Roadster, a supercar in the luxury sector in 2008, the launch of the Model S took place in 2012, the first 100% electric premium sedan. Finally, a few months ago Tesla's third vehicle was presented, the Model X. This SUV combines the space of a minivan with the performance of a sports car. In 2017/2018 the Model 3 will be presented, a typical middle-class vehicle, which will significantly contribute to the final breakthrough of the electric mobility.
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5 Jan 2023

Smartville Inc.

Smartville Inc. are based in California, US and was founded in 2019. The company repurposes domestic electric vehicle (EV) batteries for second life applications in stationary storage.
16 Dec 2022

Trends in Li-ion Cathodes

IDTechEx forecast the Li-ion market to grow to over US$430 billion by 2033, driven by demand for electric vehicles. Electric vehicles (EVs) remain the key driver behind the Li-ion market, and electric cars will be the largest market for Li-ion batteries over the next ten years.
15 Dec 2022

IDTechEx Predicted Tesla's Radar Re-Evaluation

Roughly one year ago, Tesla announced that it would be dropping radar from Model 3 and Model Y production vehicles starting May 2022. At that time, IDTechEx wrote an article about why dropping radar was a mistake.
15 Dec 2022

The New Opportunities in EV Battery Thermal Management

Thermal management continues to be a key topic for electric vehicle (EV) battery design. Early trends in the market largely revolved around the adoption of active cooling for the battery pack, and now this is the industry standard.
14 Dec 2022

Thermal Management in 2022, the Rise of Multifunctional Materials

Thermal management is critical in several industries, and the trends in emerging technologies are driving material innovation. Electronics in markets from personal devices through to cars are seeing increased integration, densification, and hence an increased focus on thermal management.
1 Dec 2022

The EV Market Doubles Down on Permanent Magnets Despite Material Costs

With the continued global turmoil experienced over the past few years, the prices of almost everything are rising. This has been especially true for the rare earth materials used in the manufacturing of electric motors for electric vehicles (EVs).
25 Nov 2022

Free-to-Attend Webinar: Electric Vehicles 2022 EOY Round-up

Wednesday 30 November 2022 - Record Road Sales, Emerging Electric Motors & Hydrogen Fuel-cell Opportunities. Electric car markets in 2022: Europe, the US and China; The latest trends on EV componentry: power electronics and motors; Heavy-duty electric vehicle developments; and Opportunities for hydrogen fuel-cell adoption in transport
18 Nov 2022

Join the IDTechEx Electric Vehicles 2022 EOY Round-up Webinar

Wednesday 30 November 2022 - This webinar will summarise the major EV market events of 2022 alongside the underlying technology and materials developments which will underpin future growth.
18 Nov 2022

Electric Vehicle Markets & Technologies on the Road to 2023

It has been another momentous year for electric vehicle markets and technologies, with major policy developments, sales growth, and landmark models set to enter the market.
17 Nov 2022

Electric Truck Deployment Ready for Acceleration in 2023

Though battery-electric models currently make up only a small fraction of total global truck sales (around 0.4% in 2021), it is already clear that the transition from diesel combustion engines to zero-emission technologies is well underway.
14 Nov 2022

Industrial Robots in Automotive Manufacturing

Robotics and automation have gained significant momentum during the past two decades. However, with the recent global turmoil, the increasing likelihood of recession, unprecedented inflation in many countries, and geopolitical tensions, many challenges in the manufacturing industry have been exacerbated.
9 Nov 2022

EVs Are the Next Big Opportunity for Fire Protection Materials

The occurrence of fires in electric vehicles (EVs) is less common than their combustion engine counterparts, in total number but also in terms of the rate per miles traveled. However infrequent, it is extremely important to protect the vehicle's occupants and prolong the time for a fire to exit the battery pack for as long as possible.
28 Oct 2022

Li-ion Battery Market 2023-2033: Technologies, Players, Applications, Outlooks and Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Alex Holland
27 Oct 2022

30 Giga-Watt Hours of Electric Vehicle Markets Beyond Cars

While electric cars will remain the largest electric vehicle market for the foreseeable future in terms of battery demand and market revenue generation, most transport sectors are facing a transition. In this article, IDTechEx summarizes key developments in non-automotive sectors, showing each sector's global battery demand (in 2021) for relative scale.
18 Oct 2022

Subscription-based Electric Car Scheme to Lower Costs

People eager to get into an electric car without a huge upfront cost or long commitments can now get one via subscription through their employers.
4 Oct 2022

Will Tesla's Humanoid Robot "Optimus" Really Be Able to Serve People?

Due to the labor shortage and decreasing costs of hardware, using robots to serve people has gained significant momentum over the past decade, with Tesla unveiling their humanoid robot "Optimus" at the electric vehicle maker's "AI Day" event last week.
3 Oct 2022

Our Next Energy (ONE)

Our Next Energy are a US start-up developing advanced battery technology for electric vehicles. IDTechEx spoke with them (Samuel Haberl, Technical Product Manager) at the Battery Show North America 2022.
23 Sep 2022


CATL are the leading manufacturer of Li-ion batteries globally.
20 Sep 2022

Tinci Materials

Tinci (Guangzhou Tinci Materials Company ltd) are a Chinese chemicals manufacturer and one of the leading suppliers of Li-ion electrolytes.
14 Sep 2022

Very High Speed Motor Offers Improved Power Density for EVs

Engineers have built a new high-speed motor which has the potential to increase the range of electric vehicles. The design of the prototype IPMSM type motor was inspired by the shape of the longest railroad bridge in South Korea and has achieved speeds of 100,000 revolutions per minute.