Printed, Flexible and Organic Electronics

Printed, Flexible and Organic Electronics

Printed Electronics, being thin film silicon or inorganic or organic semiconductors, can be used to form Thin Film Transistor Circuits (TFTCs), such as replacing the functionality of simple silicon chips. TFTCs also employ thin film conductors and dielectrics and the ultimate objective is to make many different components at the same time - such as displays, batteries, sensors, microphones etc using the same materials or at least the same deposition techniques thus saving cost and improving reliability. Some TFTCs will be capable of covering large areas to affordably form electronic billboards, smart shelves and so on. They will be lightweight, rugged and mechanically flexible. Often they will be made by rapid, high-volume reel-to-reel processing even forming a part of regular printing processes for graphics. These circuits will be cheap enough to permit electronics where envisaged silicon chips are always or almost always too expensive, where multiple components and needed, and where silicon is impracticle (e.g. not flexible, brittle, thick etc).
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Printed, Flexible and Organic Electronics
23 Feb 2024

Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Trends in AI and HPC

Advanced semiconductor packaging technologies like 2.5D and 3D hybrid bonding, along with emerging solutions like silicon photonics, are critical in optimizing system performance and fostering the next wave of AI and HPC chip innovation.
22 Feb 2024

Tesla Adopts Interior Radar for Interior Monitoring

With the shift towards electric vehicles, end-users are becoming less concerned about traditional differentiators like engine horsepower and are placing greater emphasis on smart interior functions. This trend is compelling automotive OEMs to invest more efforts in enhancing interior features, thereby adding greater value to their products and distinguishing them from other vehicles.
20 Feb 2024


Silveray are a spin-out from the Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) (Surrey University) developing large-area direct conversion detectors for the X-ray imaging market. Silveray are based in Manchester, UK, and have been commercializing their technology since 2022, which can be used for weld integrity inspections and medical imaging applications.
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16 Feb 2024

Fuji Corporation

Fuji are a global leader in surface mount technology, providing electronic assembly equipment and machine tools. This profile highlights their new business development on 3D electronics.
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6 Feb 2024

NEPCON 2024 — Wearable Expo

NEPCON 2024 took place from January 24th-26th at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. This event included parallel expos across various technology themes - and in this article the main findings from the Wearable Expo are summarized.
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6 Feb 2024

Printed Gas Sensors

This premium article reviews the technology opportunities and market outlook for printed gas sensors.
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2 Feb 2024


J.A.M.E.S offers a platform for accelerating development in additively manufactured electronics (AME), providing access to the latest research articles, design guides, process know-how, and market player overviews.
1 Feb 2024

Applications of Electronics on 3D Surfaces

This premium article explores the applications of electronics on 3D surfaces.
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1 Feb 2024


Sefar are a leading manufacturer of precision monofilament fabrics for screen printing, filtration, separation and smart textiles. The company's products are used in a wide range of industries, from electronics, graphics, medical, automotive, food and life science to aerospace, mining, refining and architecture. IDTechEx spoke with Project Manager and Textile Engineer, Roua Cheffi, about their PresSense fabric.
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31 Jan 2024


Altium is a company providing software tools for electronic product design. This profile highlights its new 3D-MID (Mechatronic Integrated Devices) Design feature, which focuses on 3D circuit design, allowing the integration of both electrical and mechanical functionality into a single part.
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29 Jan 2024


Accensors develop a wide range of printed and flexible sensors, capable of measuring parameters such as pH, temperature, pressure, ion concentration, level, conductivity, and more. Their main target market is wearable/healthcare applications. Their primary business model is developing bespoke sensors, including those that can determine multiple medically relevant parameters. IDTechEx spoke to CEO and Founder of Accensors, Eike Kottkamp.
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25 Jan 2024


Canatu is a Finnish carbon nanomaterial developer, delivering engineered solutions based on carbon nanotubes and its proprietary carbon nanobud (carbon nanotube and fullerene hybrid) material. The company's focus is in the automotive and semiconductor industries. IDTechEx spoke with CEO, Juha Kokkonen.
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25 Jan 2024

Valve Jet/Dispensing for Electronics on 3D Surfaces

This premium article explores valve jet/dispensing for electronics on 3D surfaces.
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23 Jan 2024

Raynergy Tek

Raynergy Tek are a specialty chemical company based in Taiwan. They manufacture commercial quantities of semiconducting materials for organic photovoltaic (OPV) and organic photodiode (OPD) applications. This profile is based on a discussion with Raynergy Tek's Vice President of Business Development Benny Lin, and is focused on their large area OPD technology.
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22 Jan 2024

CRM Group

The CRM Group (Center for Research in Metallurgy) is an independent not-for-profit organization specializing in technological R&D innovation across metal production processes, product development, and metal applications. The organization is particularly focused on the industrial implementation of its developments. This profile highlights CRM Group's recent activities in printed and 3D additive electronic technologies.
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18 Jan 2024

Emerging Technology for Electronics on 3D Surfaces

This premium article discusses emerging technology for electronics on 3D surfaces.
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17 Jan 2024


nano3Dprint is a company supplying 3D printers for printed electronics that are adaptable for a wide range of materials.
16 Jan 2024

Brand New Podcast: Tomorrow's Tech by IDTechEx

IDTechEx have launched a new monthly podcast, 'Tomorrow's Tech by IDTechEx', bringing you up to date technology trends. In each episode our host will interview an industry expert from IDTechEx, offering insights into a range of emerging technologies.
15 Jan 2024


WACKER is a technological leader in the chemical industry and manufactures products for all key global industries. It is active in the silicone, polymer, life sciences and polysilicon markets. This update is focused on its dielectric silicone products for energy harvesting and sensing applications.
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11 Jan 2024

Liquid X — Functional Electronics Fabrication

An IDTechEx analyst talked with Liquid X, a Carnegie Mellon University spin-off focusing on the advanced material manufacture of functional metallic inks to replace physical wires. The applications cover multiple industries, including sensors, heating elements, smart textiles and many others
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