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8 Aug 2022

Solar Electric Tricycles for Rural Zimbabwean Businesswomen

Robust, renewable energy charged electric tricycles, supported by trained community support services, provide an avenue for communities to overcome travel obstacles and contribute to local economies. Powered through community based off grid energy supply, e-tricycles could provide the incentive for increased economic activity, creating new local markets and enhancing rural livelihoods.
5 Aug 2022

Eco Wave Power Commences Test Runs of its Newest EWP-EDF Project

Eco Wave Power Global has officially commenced test runs of its newly installed wave energy pilot project at the Port of Jaffa in Tel Aviv, Israel.
11 Jul 2022

Sustainable Marine partners with Portugal's blueOASIS

Sustainable Marine has formed a strategic partnership with Portugal's blueOASIS to develop a range of 'SIDS-appropriate' marine renewable energy solutions, that can help unlock the vast ocean energy potential of Small Island Developing States (SIDS).
12 Apr 2022

Eco Wave Power to Construct 2MW Wave Energy Power Station in Spain

Eco Wave Power Global AB has entered an official agreement with Port Adriano, Spain, for the potential construction of a wave energy power plant of up to 2MW. The agreement expands Eco Wave Power's presence in Europe and will help Spain achieve its aggressive goals for renewable power, leveraging its significant coastline capacity.
7 Apr 2022

Ai-Da Robot Makes History With new Cutting Edge AI Painting Arm

While robot artworks have been exhibited during La Biennale di Venezia in previous years, 2022 will mark the first time an ultra-realistic humanoid robot artist presents a solo exhibition of artworks during La Biennale di Venezia as a human artist would.
7 Apr 2022

Partnership Will Deliver Zero Combustion Power from Hydrogen to Asia

SGH2 Energy Global, GS E&C and KOSPO/Southern Power announced a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly develop, design, build, own and operate the world's first fuel cell power plant that uses hydrogen produced from plastic waste in Ulsan, Korea.
17 Mar 2022

E Ink Joins The Climate Pledge, Commitment to Net Zero Carbon By 2040

E Ink announced they have joined the Climate Pledge, co-founded by Amazon to commit to becoming net-zero carbon by 2040, and are the first display company to join. In December 2021, E Ink announced their pledge to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2040. E Ink plans to be RE 10 by the end of 2022, and would be the first display company to achieve RE 10.
11 Mar 2022

Downing LLP Partners with Ennoviga Solar Limited on Five Solar Sites

Downing LLP is to partner with specialist solar developer and consultancy Ennoviga Solar Limited to develop and construct a portfolio of five ground-mounted solar generators that will exclusively serve Northumbrian Water Limited.
3 Mar 2022

These Solar Panels Pull in Water Vapour to Grow Crops in the Desert

Using a unique hydrogel, scientists have created a solar-driven system that successfully grows spinach by using water drawn from the air while producing electricity. The proof-of-concept design offers a sustainable, low-cost strategy to improve food and water security for people living in dry-climate regions.
24 Jan 2022

Eco Wave Power Enters into Collaboration Agreement with AltaSea

Eco Wave Power will work with AltaSea, a nonprofit that accelerates scientific collaboration and advances an emerging blue economy, to locate and submit grants to implement Eco Wave Power's technology.
24 Jan 2022

Legislation Initiative Announced to Bolster Wave Energy in New Jersey

New legislation initiative to bolster wave energy as the next, up-and-coming renewable energy source. Recognizing this technology's incredible potential, the state can aim to include wave energy in its Energy Master Plan and develop a streamlined process for its deployment along New Jersey's coast. This action will help New Jersey become the first US state or territory to have a commercial wave energy proof of concept.
19 Jan 2022

ExxonMobil Ambition for Net Zero by 2050

ExxonMobil announced its ambition to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions for operated assets by 2050, backed by a comprehensive approach to develop detailed emission-reduction roadmaps for major facilities and assets.
18 Jan 2022

Hydrogel Markets in Agriculture, Industry, Energy, Electronics, Electrical, Consumer 2022-2042

IDTechEx Report: Dr Matthew Dyson and Dr Xiaoxi He
14 Jan 2022

Eco Wave Power and Ocean Power Technologies Announce Collaboration

Eco Wave Power Global AB and Ocean Power Technologies Inc announced today they are working to utilize their complementary technologies and skills to accelerate wave energy projects pursuant to an agreement previously signed.
14 Dec 2021

Rwanda Launches a Retrofit Electric Motorcycles Project

The Government of Rwanda in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme launched a project to put more electric motorcycles on Rwanda's roads. The project aims to gradually phase out the use of traditional petrol-powered internal combustion engine motorcycles by converting them to electric bikes, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.
29 Nov 2021

Big Batteries on Wheels Can Deliver Zero-Emissions Rail, Secure Grid

Trains have been on the sidelines of electrification efforts for a long time in theUS because they account for only 2% of transportation sector emissions, but diesel freight trains emit 35 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually and produce air pollution that leads to $6.5 billion in health costs, resulting in an estimated 1,000 premature deaths each year.
24 Nov 2021

RFID Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2022-2032

IDTechEx Report: Raghu Das, Dr Yu-Han Chang and Dr Matthew Dyson
16 Nov 2021

Australian Retailers Join Forces in Race to Zero

Leading retailers IKEA Australia, Officeworks and Kmart Group announced their support for a new, UN-backed global climate change initiative - the Race to Zero Breakthroughs: Retail Campaign - led in Australia by the Business Council for Sustainable Development Australia in collaboration with the Australian Retailers Association.
16 Nov 2021

India's Transition to Green Economy Presents a $1 Trillion Opportunity

As consensus emerges on the urgency and magnitude of the transformation needed to decarbonize the global economy, India's role and contributions will be critical if the world is to achieve current targets.
8 Nov 2021

Smart City Materials, Systems, Markets 2022-2042

IDTechEx Report: Dr David Wyatt