Trucks Leading the Way in Heavy-Duty Autonomous Vehicle Race

Autonomous vehicles are promising to revolutionise the way we travel. But outside of passenger vehicles there is a raft of value that can be reached with autonomous technologies today. Operating robotaxis in pedestrianised areas is a complicated and challenging task for a self-driving vehicle, and while there might be lots of value in mobility as a service business models, there might still be years to wait for that value to be realised. Alternatively, autonomous trucks can provide value by relieving driver shortages and their task is much more manageable. Most trucking miles can be fulfilled on highways, where traffic flows in one direction, there is lots of space, and pedestrians are forbidden. This reduces the challenge of automation considerably, which combined with the value autonomous trucking can provide, makes it an excellent and achievable opportunity.
This webinar looks at some of the key achievements and milestones in the trucking industry. This is then compared to other heavy-duty autonomous vehicles and a complete holistic view of the industry is forged.
The webinar includes:
  • An explanation of value proposition of autonomous trucks, autonomous buses and roboshuttles
  • Overview of key activities and achievements in each heavy-duty autonomous sector
  • Summary of sensors and sensor requirements for autonomous heavy-duty vehicles
  • Most significant barriers for each of autonomous trucks, autonomous buses and roboshuttles
  • A comparison of maturity for autonomous trucks, autonomous buses and roboshuttles
  • Rough timeline of deployments and further activities in each heavy-duty autonomous sector
This webinar shares some of the research from the brand new IDTechEx report, "Heavy-Duty Autonomous Vehicles 2023-2043: Trucks, Buses & Roboshuttles".