Emerging technologies and materials for 3D printing

Emerging technologies and materials for 3D printing
IDTechEx are hosting a free webinar on Tuesday 16 December discussing emerging technologies and materials for 3D printing.
Webinar Title: Emerging Technologies and Materials for 3D Printing
Date: Tuesday 16 December
Presenter: Rachel Gordon, Technology Analyst, IDTechEx
This IDTechEx webinar will review the latest commercial progress of 3D printing, reviewing emerging printing techniques and novel materials. These new developments are extending the capabilities of 3D printing and opening new applications and markets.
In particular, Rachel Gordon, Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, will cover:
  • New and emerging technologies, such as two photon lithography, selective deposition lamination, magnetohydrodynamics, and inkjetting of photopolymers.
  • New and emerging materials, such as ceramics, silicone, graphene, and carbon fibre.
  • The impact of multi-material capabilities.
  • The potential impact of these advances on the 3D printing market.
We will be hosting the same webinar twice in one day, so please join whichever session is the most convenient for you.
Date: Tuesday 16 December 2014
Duration: 30 minutes plus 10 minutes for Q&A
Webinar #1
9:30am (GMT) London
10:30am (CET) Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome
11:30am (EET) Athens, Jerusalem
12:30pm (MSD) Moscow
4:30pm (GMT+7) Bangkok
5:30pm (GMT+8) Singapore, Taipei
6:30pm (GMT+9) Tokyo, Seoul
7:30pm (GMT+10) Canberra
Webinar #2
9:00am Pacific Standard Time (USA & Canada)
10:00am Mountain Standard Time (USA & Canada)
11:00am Central Standard Time (USA & Canada)
12:00pm Eastern Standard Time (USA & Canada)
5:00pm (GMT) London