IDTechEx Advisory Service

The IDTechEx Advisory Service interprets our market intelligence content for your business, providing strategic advice and actionable conclusions relevant to your business to help move your development forward in a shorter timescale.

If you do not have the time to search our extensive content, or you want to know what you don't know, or your need knowledgeable and experienced guidance, our Advisory Service applies IDTechEx analysts and business strategists to contribute to your business growth. We conduct this engagement in the following way:

Getting to know your objectives

Firstly, we learn about your business, such as product details, geography, investment capability, expected returns, business focus and acceptable business models and value chain positioning. We find out what are the specific areas you need information / advice on.

Providing information you can act on

Using this knowledge, along with our knowledge of the market and technology landscape in addition to our global network of contacts, we will provide you with a timely, proactive service which includes:

  • Working with you to devise your business strategy and assess the risk and opportunities. We also use voice of the customer insights to provide guidance and validate strategic actions
  • Informing you of trends and latest company information as we learn them that are relevant to helping you achieve your objectives. This can be conducted in both an ongoing ad hoc way or through scheduled briefings, where we present just the pertinent information for you
  • Provide introductions (such as with potential customers or partners) to enable you to carry out your strategy.

The IDTechEx Advisory Service is a collaborative process where our business consultants engage with you on a frequent basis - both onsite and remotely. Each engagement is customized.

Contact us for an open discussion about how we can assist you, and let us prove to you in the discussion that we can add value.

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Working with us, clients have saved months to years of business development time trying to optimally position and develop their business in these fields.

How to engage with us

Contact us to discuss your needs. We will discuss what value we can bring and provide a no obligation proposal as to who we would deliver the service.

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Success stories

A Fortune 100 Chemical company developed a new series of inks with different properties. Our analysts provided to the client any data on potential competitive activities and insights from end users as we learnt it, with quarterly summary reports and adhoc emails of the latest findings as we learn them.

A packaging company wanted to develop a new revenue stream in smart packaging. We taught them the topic, focussed their options, and developed a strategy plan, and followed through with introducing them with potential partners they needed. With us, they achieved in one month what they had failed to achieve in 2 years trying to do it themselves.

A car company sought to exploit new technologies ahead of their competitors, with specific requests around user interface and weight reduction. We send them the digested information on innovations that can help them achieve their goal throughout the year. It is exclusive, concise and useful.