Dr James Edmondson Technology Analyst

Dr James Edmondson BSc MPhys MSc PhD is a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx. Having started in 2019, he specialises in the field of market research for materials and thermal management in electric vehicles and 5G technology.
He studied for his BSc MPhys in Physics at the University of Warwick, he then went on to study for his MSc PhD in Analytical Science also at the University of Warwick. His specialist area was on the use of electrochemical scanning probe microscopy techniques for mapping structure and functionality of materials at the nanoscale.
He has been the lead author of a publication in ChemElectroChem and a contributing author on a large review in Analytical Chemistry.
Research Field
With IDTechEx James has focussed on the electric vehicle and 5G markets, considering the thermal management of these areas and the associated material concerns. James has completed reports on thermal management for 5G and electric vehicles in addition to materials for electric vehicles. He has also carried out extensive company interviews, premium articles and bespoke consultancy projects in these areas.

Speaking at Forthcoming Events

Online Automotive Thermal Management Conference 2021
Virtual Event - 21 - 22 Jan 2021
The conference will bring together all world's top - class automotive senior executives keen to share their knowledge and experience in the area of Automotive Thermal Management technologies and give you an opportunity discuss current and upcoming challenges in Automotive industry Online Automotive Thermal Management Conference 2021 will highlight the challenges opportunities and emerging innovations, alternative drive, battery thermal management, enhancing thermal management for HEV and e-cars, innovative thermal management components and materials, CO reduction and next generation, alternative and environmentally friendly refrigerants.
Thermal Materials Summit 2021
Virtual Event - 11 Feb 2021
Thermal materials are advancing as fast as the technologies they are cooling. Product and system designers need to stay up to date on the latest solutions and methods for cooling high powered electronics and lighting solutions. Are you searching for new materials to cool your flip-chip LED lighting systems? Learn what types of materials chemistries will work best for your application. Looking for materials that not only cool but also protect from corrosion and component damage in demanding aerospace and automotive applications? See what's available. Cooling high speed networking application like 5G and fiber? Learn about thermal gels and phase change materials enabling the connected professional to stay in touch. Topics covered include: Carbon Nantotubes, Boron Nitride Nanotubes, Epoxy Composites, Phase Change Materials, Thermal Tapes, Injection Molded Plastic TIMs, Thermal Modeling, Characterization, Acoustic Microscopy Imaging, and more.

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