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Bladon Jets' patented, breakthrough technology enables, for the first time, the production of small gas turbine engines that are lighter weight, less polluting and lower cost than reciprocating engines (sometimes called reciprosaurs) used in almost all cars and small planes today.
Since gas turbine engines will run on just about 
any type of fuel, including LPG and bio-fuels, they 
are not dependent on dwindling oil reserves. Unlike hydrogen where distribution is virtually non existent, fuels for gas turbine engines use existing distribution infrastructures.
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11 Oct 2018

HOMER Microgrid conference 9-10 Oct 2018: Report

We attended the second day of this excellent two day conference staged in the luxurious paradise Resort in San Diego by HOMER a 20 person microgrid software company doing simulation, economics and design.
3 Jun 2016

Electric trucks: complete disagreement

Trucks have to clean up their act if they are not to become illegal under the impending 2025 and 2030 legislation and those that jump the gun will probably gain market share because that clean up typically comes with fuel saving key to profitability in fleet operations working on wafer thin margins. Everyone agrees about that - but how to do it? Complete disagreement.
31 May 2016

Which Electric Truck Powertrain Wins?

How will trucks clean up their act to avoid becoming illegal under the impending 2025 and 2030 legislation? This article discusses the different approaches.
14 Sep 2015

CENEX LCV Event: Range Extenders

The latest CENEX Low Carbon Vehicle Event took place at Millbrook UK mid September with over 50% growth on last year there being over 3000 delegates and over 200 exhibitors, mostly parts suppliers and charging station manufacturers but with several prestige stands from major motor manufacturers.
22 Jun 2015

Jet engine range extenders for electric vehicles

In May 2015, Californian Company, Wrightspeed announced the Fulcrum, a gas turbine on-board range extender for charging the batteries of electric vehicles.
18 Jun 2015

Airborne Wind Energy Conference Netherlands 15-16 June Part Two

There is healthy disagreement among everyone concerning the optimal products, with some going to grid applications first then planning off-grid or, like Makani, looking only at on-grid.
13 Mar 2015

Hybrid vehicle range extenders: goodbye pistons

Hybrid vehicles are already big business from hybrid cars, buses and trucks to outdoor forklifts, even hybrid tugboats.
17 Feb 2015

The Proving Factory - open for business

The Proving Factory is now officially open for business.
28 Jul 2014

Electric Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

This article primarily investigates the hybrid and pure electric powertrains and electrics being used or considered for UAVs and the new missions made possible by electrification. UAVs survey military threats but also the melting ice caps and natural disasters. They can carry ordnance but also drop aid and locate disaster survivors and lost climbers and trekkers. Little wonder then that new electric UAVs are announced frequently these days.
14 Jul 2014

Electric Vehicles Adopt Range Extenders without Pistons

Range extenders are the engine part of series hybrids for land, water and air whether plug-in or not. Plug-in cars alone promise to be a $122 billion market in 2024 which means a very large marker for range extenders - probably over $60 billion in 2024 - that are smaller, lighter weight, have less noise and vibration, can be mounted any way up, are preferably multi-fuel and more effiecient and clean and have lower up-front cost and cost-over-life.
25 Apr 2014

Penetration of Second and Third Generation Range Extenders 2014-2024

Range extenders are those technologies in charge of supporting long distance travelling in electric vehicles. Through the transition from petrol cars to electric cars, there is a strong trend to reduce the internal combustion engine and increasingly delegate the traction to electric motors, however ICE will not become the only range extender technology. This article explores all range extender technologies.
7 Feb 2014

Electric Aircraft Launches 2014-2024

20 Dec 2013

The total market for electric UAVs will reach over $1bn by 2023

The total market value for electric unmanned aerial vehicles will reach over one Billion dollars by 2023 according to findings in the new IDTechEx report, "Electric Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) 2013-2023"
15 Nov 2013

Polaris Industries

Polaris Industries is a quoted US manufacturer of small conventional and pure electric vehicles, mainly nostalgic conventional motorcycles and leisure and industrial off-road small four wheelers.
9 Aug 2013

Electric vehicle range extenders: leaving piston engines behind

This article shares some of the research in the new IDTechEx report, "Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles Land, Water & Air 2013-2023" which covers all such vehicles, on land, on/under water and airborne.
7 Nov 2012

Bladon Jets range extenders improve

Bladon Jets is leaving 2012 with a modified and improved device as it is developed to perform satisfactorily. It is still intended to be an electricity source in rural India and an electric vehicle range extender, with investor Tata seeing it in the Tata Jaguar electric supercar in due course, though a Williams racing engine will be used initially in this vehicle.
24 Feb 2012

Slaying the myths at Electric Vehicles Land Sea Air

Opening speaker at Electric Vehicles Land Sea Air USA 2012 in San Jose California March 27-28, Raghu Das of leading analysts IDTechEx says: "Unlike other events, we delight in slaying the myth that most of the market value is in cars.
5 Jan 2012

India buys more of the UK Electric Vehicle industry

They have a saying in India that the British Empire is coming back - only the headquarters will be in New Delhi this time.
21 Nov 2011

Visit to Polaris Industries Minnesota

Electric Vehicles Research invests heavily to seek out new insights into the EV industry. In recent weeks that has taken us to Switzerland, Germany and Slovenia. In Switzerland we reported on Swissauto, the latest acquisition of Polaris Industries the $2 billion leader in off road vehicles.
9 Nov 2011

Bladon Jets wins second technology strategy board award

A consortium led by micro gas turbine company Bladon Jets has been awarded funding from the Technology Strategy Board to continue its development of an Ultra Lightweight Range Extender (ULRE) for next generation electric vehicles.