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C2Sense, Inc.

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C2Sense is an early stage company rooted in fundamental science and spun out of the Chemistry Department at MIT. The 'Tough Tech' developed at C2Sense is transformative technology that solves the world's important challenges by uniting breakthrough science, engineering, and leadership. Over the past 6 years the team has hardened and commercialized the technology and is poised to disrupt the traditional gas sensing market and create entirely new markets via gas data and analytics, creating a digital sense of smell. Access to this missing sense will be integral to the ongoing digital transformation of our world.
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C2Sense, Inc.
13 Jul 2022

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C2Sense is an early-stage company that has developed a luminescence-based method of sensing different chemicals. This is a pivot from its original target market of gas sensing. IDTechEx caught up with Dr Merry Smith from C2Sense to find out more about this technology and its applications.
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21 Nov 2019

A Sense Of Smell For The Digital World

C2Sense, United States
26 Sep 2019

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C2Sense, United States
11 Apr 2019

A Sense Of Smell For The Digital World

C2Sense, United States
6 Aug 2018

C2Sense, Inc.

They provide a gas sensing data analytics subscription service, enabled by their proprietary CNT chemiresistive gas sensors, to analyze and detect multi-gases with high selectivity in complex environments.
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