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Gamaya (CH)
13 Jul 2021

greenTEG GmbH

greenTEG is a start-up that is developing flexible thermoelectric generators, spun out of ETH in Zurich
18 Mar 2021


Gamaya is a Swiss company that has developed digital agriculture solutions utilizing hyperspectral imaging coupled with artificial intelligence.
Included are:
28 Jan 2021

Opus 12

Opus 12 have developed an electrolysis cell to reduce carbon dioxide and produce useful fuels and chemicals.
13 Jan 2021

Versatile, Innovative Printing System Successfully Established

An innovative 2PP 3D-printing system that is capable of manufacturing across twelve orders of magnitude with exceptional speed has hit the market with great success, enabling fabrication of polymeric microparts from the nano to centimeter range.
11 Jan 2021

Finance for 3D Printed Solid State Batteries

The loan facility will be used to fund Blackstone's plans to mass-produce the next generation of 3D-printed solid-state batteries and for other investments. The batteries will be used in the auto industry and in many other applications.
14 Dec 2020

Nexus Robotics

Nexus Robotics is a Canadian start-up that develops autonomous agricultural robots through machine learning. The company's autonomous weeding robot, Robot La Chèvre is one of the ten finalists selected for Future Farming Magazine's "Best Concept Field Robot 2020", with winner being awarded at FIRA 2020.
28 Sep 2020

Keolis Launches 5G Autonomous Electric Vehicle Trial

Keolis launched a new autonomous self-driving, electric minibus trial in Stockholm, Sweden, using 5G technology to remotely control and supervise the vehicle. This trial aims to explore the safe introduction of self-driving autonomous electric vehicles in complex urban areas with a view to optimising route planning and traffic.
24 Aug 2020


Storelectric is a developer of Compressed Air Energy Storage systems (CAES), for grid scale applications.
7 Mar 2019

Swiss Post, Austrian Post to have fully electric fleets by 2030

The need for the auto industry to speed up the switch to electric vehicles has increased further, as national postal companies Swiss Post and Austrian Post committed to electrify their delivery fleets by 2030.
14 Mar 2018

Meyer Burger Inkjet and Thin Film Equipment for PE Manufacturing

Meyer Burger is a leading global technology company specializing on innovative systems and processes based on semiconductor technologies. Meet Meyer Burger on Booth R08 at Printed Electronics Europe in Berlin on 11-12 April.
4 Jul 2017

High conductive foils enabling large area lighting

Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP as one of the leading partners for research and development for surface technologies and organic electronics and Sefar AG, a leading manufacturer of precision fabrics from monofilaments, developed a roll-to-roll processed large area flexible OLED during a joint project.
27 Dec 2016

German solar car from mid-2017

The startup Sono Motors from Munich has collected over 300.000€ through a crowdfunding campaign in the summer of 2016.
7 Dec 2016

Technique leads to broader sunlight absorption in plastic solar cells

Researchers have developed a new strategy for fabricating more efficient plastic solar cells. The work has implications for developing solar cells with a wider absorption range and increased efficiency.
6 Jun 2016

Johnson Battery Technologies

Johnson Battery Techonologies is a spinout of Excellatron Solid State LLC that is developing solid-state batteries that can have 2-3 times the energy density of conventional Li-ion and are able to operate in a broad temperature range. The applications envisioned include, and are not limited to, the oil&gas, medical, wearables, and automotive industries.
15 Jan 2016

New efficiency record with dual-junction solar cell

Scientists have jointly set a new world record for converting non-concentrated (1-sun) sunlight into electricity using a dual-junction III-V/Si solar cell.
13 Jul 2015

A new way of probing electrolyte/electrode interfaces

One of the most important things to understand in battery technology is the precise physical and chemical processes that occur at the electrode/electrolyte interface.
14 Apr 2015

How recharging leaves behind microscopic debris inside batteries

An eruption of lithium at the tip of a battery's electrode, cracks in the electrode's body, and a coat forming on the electrode's surface reveal how recharging a battery many times leads to its demise.
30 Mar 2015

Footwear that leads the way

Interactive haptic footwear guides users through vibrations.
4 Jun 2014

DELIVER - the next generation of electric delivery vehicles

Liberty Electric Cars, has successfully completed the build of the first fully functioning example of "DELIVER" - an electric delivery vehicle funded by the European Commissions' 7th Framework Programme which brings together ten partner companies from across Europe.
28 Jun 2012

New steel materials help maximise motor output and boost battery range

ArcelorMittal the world's largest steel and mining company unveiled 'iCARe' electrical steel product range for EVs.