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Kateeva makes inkjet deposition production equipment solutions for manufacturers of OLED displays. The company's YIELDjet™ precision deposition technology platform uses innovative inkjet printing to deposit coatings in complex applications with high speed and accuracy. Today, Kateeva's YIELDjet FLEX system is the leading inkjet deposition platform operating for mass production of the organic thin film encapsulation (TFE) layer of mobile OLED displays. Kateeva is headquartered in Silicon Valley, maintains operations in Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China, and is backed by venture capital firms and other investors.
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5 Apr 2024


Pixelligent is a Baltimore-based manufacturer of tunable high refractive index nanocrystal formulations. It produces its own nanocrystals via a proprietary process. Applications of its formulations include nanoimprint resins for diffractive optical elements in AR waveguides and brightness enhancement for OLED displays.
2 Aug 2023

Quantum Dot Materials and Technologies 2024-2034: Trends, Markets, Applications

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
9 Jun 2021

Kateeva Announces Strategic Partnership with Pixelligent

Kateeva today announced a strategic partnership with Pixelligent. The collaboration is focused on improving light output efficiency in OLED mobile phones by optimizing an inkjet-printed planarization layer over microlens arrays.
12 Jan 2021

SAES Getters (Flexible Electronics)

13 Nov 2020

Materials for Printed/Flexible Electronics 2021-2031: Technologies, Applications, Market Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Raghu Das
2 Mar 2020


Kateeva manufacturers inkjet printers for OLED display manufacture. Their original aim was to inkjet print the emissive material in RGB pixels, but this has proved very challenging to commercialize. As such, their business focuses on printing thin film encapsulation (TFE) layers.
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24 Jan 2020


Nanophotonica is a small team of 15 or so R&D persons exclusively focused on QLED devices. They were incorporated around 2009, but work didn't really start until around 2017.
24 Jan 2020


Samsung is a leader in production of QD displays.
23 Jan 2020


Nanosys is the leading player in QDs. They were founded in 2001 (historical overview in next slides). It has raised some $160M over the last 15 years.
21 Nov 2019

Inkjet Printing Applications In Next-Generation OLED And QDTV

Kateeva, Inc.United States
12 Feb 2019

Printed OLED Displays

In this premium article below we cover some of the latest activities with printed OLED displays.
7 Nov 2018

Printed Electronics World Firsts in 2018

With the end of the year in sight IDTechEx looks back and reviews what has been new in the world of printed electronics in the last 12 months.
16 May 2018

Nanosys Ltd

We caught up with Nanosys in May 2018. Here is a summary of their progress.
31 Jan 2018

Kateeva appoints Marc Haugen as Chief Operating Officer

Kateeva announced that the company has expanded its executive team by appointing Marc Haugen as chief operating officer.
29 Nov 2017

Kateeva introduces the YIELDjet™ explore product family

Kateeva, a market leader in inkjet deposition equipment solutions for OLED display manufacturing, has formally introduced a suite of YIELDjet™ inkjet equipment for red, green and blue pixel deposition to enable the development and pilot production of large-size OLED displays, including televisions. T
16 Nov 2017

Advanced Inkjet Printing: Enabling The OLED Display Revolution

Kateeva, United States
25 Oct 2017

More Money Raised for Printed and Organic Electronics: The Rationale

Excitement is building in the printed and organic electronics sector as demand grows and investors focus in on the opportunities.
18 Oct 2017

Flexible Electronics: The Big Winner So Far in Printed Electronics

Exploring the commercialization of flexible electronics, one of the key focus points of this year's Printed Electronics USA event on November 15-16 in Santa Clara, CA.
11 May 2017

Inkjet Printing: A Disruptive Manufacturing Equipment Solution For Flexible And Large-Size OLED Mass Production

Kateeva, Inc.United States
19 Apr 2017

Printing Technologies find their Place in Printed Electronics

Trends and progress with printing techniques for Printed Electronics.