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Kitemill is one of the leading airborne wind energy companies developing product to harvest wind from altitudes above conventional wind turbines limitation. Kitemill has a lean organization and strong industrial partners. The concept being developed is a kite turbine based on a rigid kite pulling a single tether of a regenerative ground based winch. It operates autonomously in production, start and landing. A commercial version is under development. Kitemill have since 2009 worked on regulation and permission and have today the first permanent approval by the Civil Aviation Authorities to operate commercial kite turbines 24/7 up to 3000 feet height.
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Kitemill AS
26 Feb 2020

Significance of Alphabet Exiting Giant Drones Including AWE

Significance of Alphabet Exiting Giant Drones Including Airborne Wind Energy. Alphabet/ Google and Facebook exiting large drones does not mean such aircraft are a failure. In Alphabet, a sister company of Google, was acquisition Makani in California and later Hawaii trialling a huge drone with eight propeller-generators and a 70 meter wingspan.
28 Sep 2017

Energy Positive Drones: Airborne Wind Energy - Electricity Generation Aboard Ships and Direct Ship Propulsion

Kitemill AS, Norway
13 Sep 2017

Large companies target energy independent electric vehicles

The IDTechEx report, Energy Independent Electric Vehicles Land, Water, Air 2017-2037 covers markets, technology timelines, energy harvesting and extreme powertrain efficiency involved. Constantly updated, it now reveals backing of many large companies.
15 Aug 2017

Energy Independent Electric Boats and Ships Lead the Way

There is more energy to harvest at sea. True, water craft have stronger resistance to overcome but on balance, it means that energy independent electric boats are more common than their equivalents on land or in the air and they have lessons for both.
9 Aug 2017

Ship energy independence from multimode energy harvesting

It is now becoming clear that the appalling emissions from ships that cause global warming and local injuries can be virtually eliminated.
14 Jul 2017

Energy Independent Electric Vehicles: Big Companies & New Technologies

EIVs are an idea whose time has come.
19 Jun 2017

Energy Independent Electric Vehicles: Reinventing their Wind Turbines

Several organisations are working to improve the poor efficiency of a wind turbine on a boat, car, bus or similar vehicle.
18 Nov 2015

Airborne Wind Energy Technologies Entering Commercial Phase with a Potential Without Comparison

Kitemill, Norway
17 Sep 2015

Exotic new sources of free electricity: $50 billion market

High Power Energy Harvesting (HPEH) is a term beginning to be used for creation of electricity where it is needed using ambient "free" energy. That zero-pollution, high-energy conversion typically captures light (photovoltaics), heat difference (thermoelectrics and heat pumps) and movement (electrodynamics).
27 Aug 2015

Only conference on the full range of energy harvesting

Energy harvesting spans microwatts to megawatts because it is the creation of electricity where it is needed using wind, sun, movement, heat difference, friction and other ambient energy.
28 Jul 2015

Kitemill Airborne Wind Energy advances

Airborne wind energy (AWE) systems harness the stronger winds above the biggest wind turbines on earth. They use a small fraction of the materials and are quieter and more easily moved and commissioned so they have great potential for both off and on-grid use.
18 Jun 2015

Airborne Wind Energy Conference Netherlands 15-16 June Part Two

There is healthy disagreement among everyone concerning the optimal products, with some going to grid applications first then planning off-grid or, like Makani, looking only at on-grid.