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Laing O'Rourke plc is the largest privately owned construction firm in the UK. We have offices in the UK, Germany, India, Australia and United Arab Emirates, with over 27,300 employees worldwide.
Led by Chairman and Chief Executive, Ray O'Rourke, the business has grown rapidly since the merger of Laing and R.O'Rourke & Son Ltd in 2001.
Laing O'Rourke has a truly integrated capability, with a directly-employed internal supply chain allowing us to take a holistic view of construction.
We specialise in delivering ambitious yet achievable construction projects that delight both clients and the communities who use them every day, and the company is responsible for some of the most innovative construction solutions anywhere in the world. Learn more about these projects by clicking on the thumbnails in the right-hand column of pages throughout this site.
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Laing O'Rourke
17 Jan 2019

Ground Control offer new lease hire option with partner ChargePoint

Ground Control has now unveiled a lease hire option for the supply and installation of ChargePoint charging units, continuing their support of the electric vehicle network.
21 Aug 2018

Ground Control appoint Andy Gray, launch new EV charging service

Ground Control appoint Andy Gray to lead the launch of new market-leading electric vehicle charging service
13 Jan 2017

Tidal lagoon project makes the most of natural resources

A tidal lagoon is a 'U' shaped breakwater, built out from the coast which has a bank of hydro turbines in it. Water fills up and empties the man-made lagoon as the tides rise and fall. The system can generate electricity on both the incoming and outgoing tides, four times a day, every day.
30 Sep 2008

RFID Applications in the Construction Industry Value Chain

Laing O'Rourke, United Kingdom
24 Sep 2008

RFID Truths: The Real State of the RFID Market

By value, we forecast that in 2009 the value of the RFID market will grow by 23% over 2008, and in 2010 it will grow by 25% over 2009 - not exponential, but still very strong growth.
17 Sep 2008

Ruggedised and apparel RFID become popular

At Europe's largest RFID conference, RFID Europe, in Cambridge UK 30th September - 1 October, the most impressive users, developers and suppliers of ruggedised and apparel RFID will present their new advances and view of the future.
16 Sep 2008

Ruggedised and Apparel RFID Become Popular

The IDTechEx Knowledgebase of over 3,500 RFID projects in 109 countries illustrates how this market of over $5 billion is rapidly diversifying.