N&B Co., Ltd.

N&B Co., Ltd.

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N&B has developed and commercialized silver nanowire- materials for flexible TCF.
Targeted to enter the current-existing market of ITO films for touch screen applications such as mobile phones, tablet-PCs, all-in-one PCs and automotive touch screens.
Eventually, wants to become the leader in flexible TCF material supplier for flexible display market in the near future.
In the long run, will continuous develop novel materials for printed electronics applications and has a vision to become the best material company in the printed electronics area.
N&B has a JV, "NAIBO" in Tianjin, China for mass production and marketing in china.
Recently developed a roll-to-roll photonic welding technology, "Solid xNet".
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N&B Co., Ltd.
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Nanotech and Beyond N&B was formed in 2010. It is based in Korea. In 2011 it developed an ITO alternative material for transparent electrodes for touch screen panels. In 2012 the company developed silver nanowires.
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