Siemens is a global technology powerhouse that has stood for engineering excellence, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality for more than 165 years. The company is active in more than 200 countries, focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitization. Siemens is No. 1 in offshore wind turbine construction, a leading supplier of combined cycle turbines for power generation, a major provider of power transmission solutions and a pioneer in infrastructure solutions as well as automation, drive and software solutions for industry. At the end of September 2014, the company had around 343,000 employees worldwide. For more:
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20 Apr 2023

Eaton: Electric Vehicle Charging

17 Mar 2023

Wabtec: Battery-Electric Trains

Siemens is a German multinational conglomerate corporation and the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe. It has a BEV multiple unit (MU) branded Mireo Plus B.
17 Sep 2021

Advanced Simtech

Simulation software supplier
21 Nov 2019

Smart Manufacturing And A Connected Factory - The Status Quo Of A Brave New World In 2019

Siemens Industry, Inc.United States
11 Apr 2019

Catenary Electrification Of Heavy Road Freight: A Rationale And A Path Forward

Siemens Mobility GmbH, Germany
27 Apr 2016

From An Internet Of Things Toward A Web Of Systems: Empower Industrial Systems To Manage Their Own Data And Make Their Own Decisions

19 Nov 2015

How Electric Utilities are Leveraging Big Data and the Internet of Things

Siemens, United States
2 Jun 2011

Electric vehicles become electronic

About 80% of the value of a military jet aircraft lies in the circuitry, up from almost nothing a century ago. Civil airliners are about 50% electric and electronic, whereas the family car is around 30% so far, all these percentages steadily rising. The point is that an aircraft has far more than the radar, communications and other instruments accessed by the pilot: it is a sea of sensors, fuel controls and servo systems in the engines, wings and elsewhere. Even the family car adds much more than the satnav, phone, proximity sensors and other electronics directly assisting the driver, the MEMS accelerometer controlling the air bags being just one of an increasingly huge number of out-of-sight safety and other measures controlled by circuitry.