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SmartKem is the market leader in the design, synthesis and supply of organic semiconductors for the manufacture of a new generation of lightweight, unbreakable and low power LCD and OLED displays on both glass or plastic.
The Manchester based business has been focused on the transfer and scale up of its market leading truFLEX semiconductor platform onto LCD and OLED display production lines in Asia.
Today, the company is in the final stages of commercial adoption and scale-up of material production with the first display products anticipated to enter the market in 2018.
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SmartKem Ltd
3 Mar 2021

Event Summary: innoLAE 2021 (Innovations in Large-Area Electronics)

On 24-25th of February 2021 IDTechEx attended the Innovations in Large Area Electronics (InnoLAE) conference. Conference attendees were a mix of primarily early-stage companies and academics. This premium article divides a selection of the most interesting and/or commercially relevant talks into 4 sections
13 Nov 2020

Materials for Printed/Flexible Electronics 2021-2031: Technologies, Applications, Market Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Matthew Dyson, Raghu Das and Dr Richard Collins
1 Sep 2020


SmartKem offers a portfolio of materials for organic thin film transistors. The main target application is flexible display backplanes, including OLEDs, LCDs and EPDs. In August 2020 they announced they had developed a prototype that applied their flexible backplane to an array of miniLEDs with a target applications of full area local dimming (FALD) of LCDs.
Included are:
3 Aug 2020


SmartKem also produce materials for OTFT backplanes.
16 Sep 2019

Flexible, Printed and Organic Electronics 2020-2030: Forecasts, Technologies, Markets

IDTechEx Report: Raghu Das and Dr Xiaoxi He
12 Apr 2018

SmartKem: Transforming The Display Industry With Organic Semiconductor Technology

SmartKem Ltd.
10 Jul 2017

CPI has been selected as a support partner for SmartKem

The Centre for Process Innovation has been selected as a support partner to SmartKem for the accelerated pre-production of a new generation of low power, flexible display-based products through a new EU-funded project called FLEXTRANS.
22 Dec 2016

Additional investment secured by SmartKem

An additional £3m of funding has been secured from SmartKem's existing investment syndicate members, including BASF Venture Capital, Octopus Ventures and Entrepreneurs Fund.
12 Aug 2016

SmartKem expands presence to support flexible display roll-out in Asia

SmartKem has made significant investments to support company expansion and the roll-out of its technology platform with display manufacturers in Asia.
2 Aug 2016

UK semiconductor pioneer sets its sights on China

SmartKem has had notification of patent allowance for their semiconductor material in China.
7 Apr 2016

Printed sensor technology for automotive tyres

A new technology to measure tyre pressure and temperature and will transform the way transport fleets currently track, monitor and manage tyres.
12 Feb 2016

World's fastest plastic demonstrated by organic semiconductor company

SmartKem has reported it has set a new world record in digital circuit performance with its solution processed organic semiconductor, try-flex®.
23 Mar 2015

IDTechEx Interview Organic Semiconductor Material Company Smartkem

SmartKem delivers 'organic' semiconductor materials for the manufacture of flexible and plastic electronic displays used in applications such as, eReaders, Smartphones, Tablets and TV's.
20 Feb 2015

SmartKem collaborates with Centre for Process Innovation

SmartKem has announced an extensive collaboration programme with the Centre for Process Innovation for the development of pre-production prototypes featuring the SmartKem range of semiconductor inks for the manufacture of ultra flexible thin-film transistors.
24 Nov 2014

New TFT fabrication facility to meet market demand

SmartKem has announced the opening of a new thin-film-transistor fabrication and testing facility at the company's Manchester site - doubling the size of the company.
20 Nov 2014

Simplified Fabrication Method for Industry Grade OTFTs for Flexible Displays & Electronics

Smartkem Ltd, United Kingdom
10 Sep 2014


Smartkem is a UK company set up in 2009. Smartkem has developed p-type organic semiconductors consisting of a mixture of small molecules and polymers. Their champion materials offer a mobility of 10 cm2/Vs. Key differentiators are the ability to improve solution processability without sacrificing performance, and processability in air.
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18 Aug 2014

SmartKem attracts series A funding from high profile investers

SmartKem, a developer of high performance, organic semiconductor materials for flexible displays and electronics, has completed a significant series A funding round from an investment syndicate.
11 Mar 2014

Collaboration on materials for flexible display electronics

SmartKem Ltd., a leading developer of high performance, organic semiconductor materials for flexible displays & electronics, has announced that a recent Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Bangor University has been awarded a grade of 'Outstanding' by the Technology Strategy Board.
10 Dec 2013

SmartKem joint development agreement with Asian display manufacturer

SmartKem Ltd are pleased to announce the signing of a joint development agreement with a major Asian display original equipment manufacturer for the manufacture of advanced flexible displays.