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Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Wrightspeed's engineering team has particular strengths in control systems, high-reliability software, and high-power analog electronics. Wrightspeed is currently building disruptive electric powertrain technology for two high-power markets: meduim duty fleet trucks and ultra-performance supercars.
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27 Nov 2023

Electric and Fuel Cell Trucks 2024-2044: Markets, Technologies, and Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Shazan Siddiqi and Dr James Edmondson
5 Jul 2022

Mack Trucks: Electric Trucks

Mack Trucks are a truck manufacturing company and first showcased their electric Mack LR model in 2016.
30 Nov 2016

Route enabled refuse truck deployed

The first commercial application of a range-extended electric refuse truck.
1 Aug 2016

Short radius trucks go pure electric

Pure electric short range trucks are rapidly becoming viable as they face much tougher local and global emissions regulations.
11 Jul 2016

Single cylinder range extenders

Motrec have come up with the idea of integrating a range extender to their existing battery electric vehicle to satisfy their customers using ICE equipped vehicles.
3 Jun 2016

Electric trucks: complete disagreement

Trucks have to clean up their act if they are not to become illegal under the impending 2025 and 2030 legislation and those that jump the gun will probably gain market share because that clean up typically comes with fuel saving key to profitability in fleet operations working on wafer thin margins. Everyone agrees about that - but how to do it? Complete disagreement.
31 May 2016

Which Electric Truck Powertrain Wins?

How will trucks clean up their act to avoid becoming illegal under the impending 2025 and 2030 legislation? This article discusses the different approaches.
22 Jun 2015

Jet engine range extenders for electric vehicles

In May 2015, Californian Company, Wrightspeed announced the Fulcrum, a gas turbine on-board range extender for charging the batteries of electric vehicles.
28 Nov 2014

New electric trucks

The new IDTechEx report, Industrial and Commercial Hybrid and Pure Electric Vehicles 2015-2025 forecasts in eleven categories because so much is now happening.
25 Apr 2014

Penetration of Second and Third Generation Range Extenders 2014-2024

Range extenders are those technologies in charge of supporting long distance travelling in electric vehicles. Through the transition from petrol cars to electric cars, there is a strong trend to reduce the internal combustion engine and increasingly delegate the traction to electric motors, however ICE will not become the only range extender technology. This article explores all range extender technologies.
17 Jan 2013

Electric cars: Success by a different route

Everything about an electric car is facing total change. Different materials for bodywork, structural components leading to smart skin, laminar electrics, printed electronics and totally new components are coming along.
2 Apr 2012

Electric Vehicles become less poisonous

Most green technologies are not so green on closer examination.