The State of the Li-ion Industry

Their comparatively high performance, low cost and wide availability make Li-ion batteries the pre-eminent energy storage technology for many applications, from electronics devices to electric vehicles (EVs), to grid-scale energy storage systems. As such, demand for Li-ion batteries is forecast to grow rapidly and there has been significant growth in the investment entering the value chain, from anodes and cathodes through to cell and battery manufacturing.
The Li-ion market has seemingly gone from strength to strength and for most applications, they are, in one form or another, unlikely to be superseded within the next 10 years. Nevertheless, developments and innovations continue to be made in Li-ion materials, manufacturing, cell design, and pack design, and investment into the Li-ion industry continues at a rapid pace in a bid to improve performance, bring down costs, and mitigate supply chain pressures.
This webinar will provide:
  • An introduction to Li-ion technologies and innovation
  • Overview of the current state of the Li-ion market
  • Discussion of impact of material price volatility
  • Provide an update on key investments into the value chain
  • Key drivers and challenges for the industry
This webinar shares some of the research for the new IDTechEx report, "Li-ion Battery Market 2023-2033: Technologies, Players, Applications, Outlooks and Forecasts".