Webinar: Electric motors for EVs - market forecasts, technology trends

Webinar: Electric motors for EVs - market forecasts, technology trends
IDTechEx, the leading market research firm covering electric vehicles will explain some of its findings in this free webinar which includes data from the new IDTechEx report Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles 2013-2023 Market Forecasts, Technology Trends.
There is a fight to avoid the traction motors becoming more of the vehicle cost as battery costs reduce - too many suppliers are mostly making the wrong types. There are radical changes in motor format and in their application. For example, the motor control electronics gets more complex as the motor hardware is simplified. Controls and even gears get incorporated into one motor housing. In-wheel motors begin to be adopted but why is that a slow process? What special motor needs emerge when new forms of electric vehicle become popular such as robot lawnmowers, electric personal aircraft and unmanned aircraft that stay aloft for five years on sunshine alone? All is explained in the webinar.
Presented by: Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx
Date: Wednesday 26 June
The webinar will cover:
• Electric traction motors: opportunities & challenges for land, water & air
• Ten year market forecasts - numbers and market value
• New needs such as electric aircraft
• Oversupply overall but undersupply of what is really needed
• Technology trends - what next
• Who will be the winners and why
• Pros & cons of in-wheel motors: market potential
The webinar will last up to 20 minutes followed by up to 10 minutes of Q&A. The same webinar will be repeated twice in one day, so please choose the most suitable time for you.
Webinar #1 / Europe & Asia-Pacific
9:00am (BST/WEST) London, Lisbon
10:00am (CEST) Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome
11:00am (EEST) Athens, Jerusalem
12:00pm (MSD) Moscow
3:00pm (GMT+7) Bangkok
4:00pm (GMT+8) Singapore, Taipei
5:00pm (GMT+9) Tokyo, Seoul
6:00pm (GMT+10) Canberra
Webinar #2 / North America
9:00am Pacific Daylight Time (USA & Canada)
10:00am Mountain Daylight Time (USA & Canada)
11:00am Central Daylight Time (USA & Canada)
12:00pm Eastern Daylight Time (USA & Canada)
5:00pm (BST/WEST) London, Lisbon