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Total is one of the largest integrated oil and gas companies in the world, with activities in more than 130 countries. The Group is also a first rank player in chemicals. Its 97,000 employees put their expertise to work in every part of the industry - exploration and production of oil and natural gas, refining and marketing, new energies, trading, and chemicals. Total is working to help satisfy the global demand for energy, both today and tomorrow.
Total is striving to diversify its supply to help meet growing energy demand in the long term. The Group holds a 66% stake in SunPower, a world leader in solar energy. Additionally, Total is actively engaged in a number of renewable research and development projects, such as solar and biomass.
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Total S.A.
8 Aug 2022

Upcoming Webinar - Zero-Emission Trucks: Batteries or Fuel Cells?

Thursday 11 August 2022 - The 2021 sales of zero-emission trucks and the addressable market; What zero-emission trucks need to deliver for commercial rollout; Key enabling technologies: batteries/motors/charging; The role of battery and fuel cell trucks; IDTechEx's outlook for zero-emission truck deployment
8 Aug 2022

SEA Electric Brings Industry First to New Zealand Traffic Control

Global eMobility innovators SEA Electric and leading civil construction firm Demsey Wood have introduced New Zealand's first electric traffic safety vehicle, complete with a truck-mounted attenuator.
5 Aug 2022

Powertrain Efficiency: Sustaining EV Growth in an Era of Shortages

2022 continues to present great challenges for electric vehicle makers, but despite these challenges electric vehicle markets have continued to grow. However, in an era of shortages, disruption is inevitable. IDTechEx believes improvements to drive cycle efficiency and vehicle design, minimizing battery capacity and other material requirements per vehicle, must come to the forefront.
5 Aug 2022

Eco Wave Power Commences Test Runs of its Newest EWP-EDF Project

Eco Wave Power Global has officially commenced test runs of its newly installed wave energy pilot project at the Port of Jaffa in Tel Aviv, Israel.
5 Aug 2022


Avancis is a German company founded in 2006. It is a subsidiary of the CNBM group and is developing copper indium gallium selenide photovoltaics for building integration.
5 Aug 2022

Technology Firm Sets Sights on Digitising Offshore Wind Construction

Sennen, a technology company that develops highly specialised software for the renewables industry, has won £112,000 in grant funding to create new digital tools that will support the construction of offshore wind farms.
3 Aug 2022

Toledo Solar

Toledo Solar is an American company that was founded in 2019. It is developing semi-transparent cadmium telluride solar panels for outdoor building integration.
3 Aug 2022

Von Roll: Impregnation and Potting Resins for EVs

Von Roll is headquartered in Switzerland and focuses on products and systems for electrical power generation, power transmission, and industrial applications. The electric vehicle (EV) market provides a new opportunity for its materials in electric motors, batteries, sensors, and more. The interview with Von Roll focused on its impregnation and potting resins for EVs.
2 Aug 2022


Nexa3D are an American 3D printer manufacturer commercializing two proprietary polymer printing technologies: a resin-based technology called Lubricant Sublayer Photocuring (LSPc) and a powder-based technology called Quantum Laser Sintering (QLS). IDTechEx spoke with Sarah Goehrke, Senior Director of Strategic Communications and Ecosystems at Nexa3D.
1 Aug 2022

GenCell Energy Enters Strategic Partnership with ONEC Group

GenCell Energy, provider of hydrogen and ammonia to power fuel cell solutions, is entering a strategic partnership with the ONEC Group, a mid-sized Canadian project delivery company. Together the two companies aim to grow the presence of GenCell's backup and off-grid power solutions across North America.
1 Aug 2022

Nuro: Curbside Delivery Robots

Nuro makes zero-occupant autonomous delivery vehicles. It has commercial partnerships with Kroger and 7-Eleven and is completing autonomous grocery deliveries to customers today. Nuro was one of the first companies to receive permission to operate a commercial autonomous service in the US and is pushing policy makers to continue making progress for the autonomous vehicle industry.
26 Jul 2022


Midsummer is a Swedish manufacturer of cadmium-free flexible CIGS solar panels. It has developed the only high throughput manufacturing process for flexible CIGS panels.
26 Jul 2022


Climeworks is a Swiss company developing a modular direct air capture (DAC) technology based on a solid adsorbent system.
26 Jul 2022

Sono Motors Unveils Design of Solar Electric Passenger Car and Bus Kit

Sono Motors, the company that is pioneering solar-powered mobility recently celebrated the debut of the world's first affordable solar electric vehicle, the Sion, in its production design, and the unveiling of its novel 'Solar Bus Kit', a scalable B2B retrofit solution that reduces fuel consumption and inner-city greenhouse gas emissions, thereby contributing to climate protection.
22 Jul 2022

Biologists Train AI to Generate Medicines and Vaccines

Scientists have developed artificial intelligence software that can create proteins that may be useful as vaccines, cancer treatments, or even tools for pulling carbon pollution out of the air.
22 Jul 2022

The Car That Cleans the Air While Driving

The transport sector is a major polluter, producing about a quarter of the EU's total CO2 emissions a few years ago. Passenger cars are responsible for more than 60 percent of these emissions. The amount of CO2 produced by passenger cars is the main reason that researchers wanted to create a car that not only has low emissions in the production process, but also reduces CO2 emissions while driving.
21 Jul 2022

Electric MOKE to Sell 100% of Shareholdings to EV Technology Group

MOKE International has agreed to sell up to 100% of its shareholdings to EV Technology Group, as it prepares for an exciting and expanding future as a fully electric global brand.
21 Jul 2022

Corvus Energy: The Battery Leader Launching Fuel Cells

Corvus Energy is a leading supplier of battery systems for the commercial maritime sector. IDTechEx caught up with the company to discuss its plans to enter the fuel cell marine market.
21 Jul 2022

Peak Power Gets $765,000 From Canadian Government to Deploy Chargers

Peak Power has received a $765,000 investment through Natural Resources Canada's Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program to install 117 V1G chargers. The total cost of the project is valued at over $1.6 million.
19 Jul 2022

Denso — New Market Player in the Cobot Industry

Denso is well known for being a global automotive component manufacturer. It has a subsidiary, Denso Wave, that produces robots, automatic identification devices (barcode readers and related products), and programmable logic controllers. IDTechEx met Denso at Automatica 2022, where the company demonstrated its industrial robots and collaborative robots.