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Total is one of the largest integrated oil and gas companies in the world, with activities in more than 130 countries. The Group is also a first rank player in chemicals. Its 97,000 employees put their expertise to work in every part of the industry - exploration and production of oil and natural gas, refining and marketing, new energies, trading, and chemicals. Total is working to help satisfy the global demand for energy, both today and tomorrow.
Total is striving to diversify its supply to help meet growing energy demand in the long term. The Group holds a 66% stake in SunPower, a world leader in solar energy. Additionally, Total is actively engaged in a number of renewable research and development projects, such as solar and biomass.
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25 May 2022

Battery Swapping to Compliment Inadequate Charging Infrastructure

Traditional cable-based charging of electric vehicles (EVs) is now being complemented by another solution: battery swapping. Various swap-enabled vehicles across different segments are now entering the market.
25 May 2022

EDPR Enteres Into Agreement With Lhyfe to Foster Renewable Hydrogen

EDP Renewables, the world's fourth largest wind energy producer, has entered into an industrial agreement with Lhyfe, a world pioneer in renewable green hydrogen production, to jointly identify, develop, build and manage projects in this business area.
23 May 2022

CRISPR Gene Editing in Cockroaches

Researchers have developed a CRISPR-Cas9 approach to enable gene editing in cockroaches, according to a new study. The simple and efficient technique, named 'direct parental' CRISPR (DIPA-CRISPR), involves the injection of materials into female adults where eggs are developing rather than into the embryos themselves.
23 May 2022

Magna International

Magna International, currently one of the largest automotive parts suppliers worldwide, offer a wide range of automotive solutions.
20 May 2022

Optics for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality 2022-2032: Technologies, Players and Markets

IDTechEx Report: Sam Dale
19 May 2022

CGMs Could Be Significant Driver for Diabetes Digital Health Industry

Glucose monitoring is an integral part of diabetes management, and test strips have historically been the predominant method of measuring blood glucose. However, continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) have emerged as a major competitor over the last decade.
19 May 2022

Josef Prusa acquires US-Based Company Printed Solid, Inc

Printed Solid, based in Newark, Delaware, became Prusa Research's first official distribution partner for corporate customers, educational segments and government institutions in the US in early 2022.
19 May 2022

EAVX and REE Begin Customer Evaluations of New Electric Walk-In Van

EAVX, a subsidiary of JB Poindexter & Co, and REE Automotive announced the companies' new fully electric walk-in van prototype will begin customer evaluation this summer. The class 5 vehicle debuts the EAVX body design powered by REE's modular P7 platform, making it the first fully drive-by-wire walk-in van on the market.
18 May 2022

ABB, Shell to Launch First Nationwide EV Charging Network in Germany

ABB E-mobility and Shell announced plans to launch the first nationwide network of Terra 360's, the world's fastest all-in-one electric car charger. With over 200 Terra 360 chargers to be launched across Germany in the next 12 months, ABB E-mobility and Shell will help to ensure greater charger availability and charging speed for more than 1.7 million German electric car drivers.
16 May 2022

Madrid Orders 60 Solaris Electric Buses

EMT, the public bus operator in the City of Madrid, has commissioned 60 electric buses from Solaris. Madrid bets on high energy batteries and pantograph charging which will ensure high operability in all kinds of conditions. The silent and emission-free Urbino 12 electric buses are flagship vehicles of the manufacturer. Contract value is over 30 million EUR.
16 May 2022

ECOWind: Partnership Investigates Offshore Wind Affect on Marine Life

Offshore wind farms have a key role to play if the UK is to meet its climate ambitions, yet the cumulative effects of offshore wind on the marine environment alongside other human activities are still not well understood. The new Ecological Consequences of Offshore Wind research programme (ECOWind) will help answer these unknowns and deliver policy-ready solutions that aim to enable offshore wind and thriving marine ecosystems to coexist and to promote environmental restoration.
16 May 2022

Ocean Harvesting to Raise 3 MEUR For Sea Trials With InfinityWEC

To finance sea trials with wave energy converter InfinityWEC at scale 1:3, Ocean Harvesting is raising 3 MEUR in equity investment at a pre-money valuation of 7 MEUR. This investment will be combined with public financing for the project. The sea trials are planned to be completed by the end of 2024, after which commercialization of the technology will be initiated with sea trials of full-scale systems.
16 May 2022

Lion Electric — Electric Buses and Trucks

Lion Electric are based in Quebec, Canada. They were founded in 2008 and have quickly established themselves as one of the leading electric heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers in North America. Lion design and build both battery electric school buses and electric trucks.
16 May 2022

Join the Upcoming Webinar on Electric Vehicle Markets Land, Sea, Air

Thursday 19 May 2022 - The Targets, the Sales and the Shortages. This webinar will provide a snapshot of electric car, electric two-wheeler, electric bus, electric truck, electric boat and electric air taxi (aka eVTOL) markets in 2021, with discussion around short-term outlooks.
16 May 2022

Battery Swapping for Electric Vehicles 2022-2032: Technology, Players and Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Shazan Siddiqi and Dr James Edmondson
13 May 2022

Gas Sensors 2022-2032

Forecasts taken from IDTechEx report "Gas Sensors 2022-2032: Technology, Opportunities, Players, and Forecasts"
13 May 2022

Battery Swapping for Electric Vehicles 2022-2032

Forecasts from the IDTechEx report "Battery Swapping for Electric Vehicles 2022-2032: Technology, Players and Forecasts"
13 May 2022

MakerBot Subsidiary and Ultimaker to Form Desktop 3D Printing Entity

Stratasys Ltd subsidiary MakerBot has entered into a definitive business combination agreement with NPM Capital-backed Ultimaker to form a new entity.
13 May 2022

$102M Funding in 6K To Accelerate Battery Material Production

6K's UniMelt system replaces a three-day, multi-step, high waste chemical co-precipitation (hydro-met) process with one that is ultra-clean and ultra-fast (as low as 2 seconds), powered by a 6000K microwave plasma. Compared to state-of-the-art CAM plants today, 6K uses half the footprint, substantially lower CapEx, and half the conversion costs or less.
13 May 2022

BYD Expects to Deliver 250,000 Battery-Box Systems in 2022

BYD Co. Ltd announces and expansion of the company's production capacities and expects to deliver 250,000 units of its flagship energy storage system BYD Battery-Box Premium.