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Total is one of the largest integrated oil and gas companies in the world, with activities in more than 130 countries. The Group is also a first rank player in chemicals. Its 97,000 employees put their expertise to work in every part of the industry - exploration and production of oil and natural gas, refining and marketing, new energies, trading, and chemicals. Total is working to help satisfy the global demand for energy, both today and tomorrow.
Total is striving to diversify its supply to help meet growing energy demand in the long term. The Group holds a 66% stake in SunPower, a world leader in solar energy. Additionally, Total is actively engaged in a number of renewable research and development projects, such as solar and biomass.
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Total S.A.
24 Jun 2022


DiaMonTech are developing pain-free glucose monitoring technology, using mid-infrared and photothermal detection technology.
24 Jun 2022

DAF — Electric Trucks

Dutch OEM DAF, subsidiary of American truck OEM PACCAR Group, currently offer two electric heavy-duty trucks: DAF CF Electric, which they began testing in 2018, and the 19-tonne DAF LF Electric, which went into production in May 2021.
24 Jun 2022


Rocsys develop solutions to fully automate professional charging sites. With their solutions, EV infrastructure operators can increase their asset utilisation. This allows fleet operators to run business-critical operations with EVs and additionally prepare for the self-parking and self-driving era. Rocsys' solutions are based on proprietary patented soft-robotics and computer vision technologies. IDTechEx spoke to their CEO and Co-founder, Crijn Bouman at EVS35.
24 Jun 2022

Sniffing Out Your Identity with Breath Biometrics

Researchers have developed a new potential odorous option for the biometric security toolkit: your breath, an olfactory sensor capable of identifying individuals by analyzing the compounds in their breath.
24 Jun 2022


Heliatek is a Germany company founded in 2006. It is developing thin flexible organic photovoltaic films for building integration. Its first commercial product, HeliaSol, was produced in 2021.
23 Jun 2022

XPeng (2022)

XPeng is a publicly listed Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer that targets the mid- to high-end passenger vehicle segment. It offers SUVs and sedans with autonomous driving capabilities. IDTechEx spoke to its European business development and product specialist team at EVS35 as they now expand overseas.
22 Jun 2022

RSP Systems

RSP Systems are a Danish start-up focused on Raman spectroscopy for non-invasive glucose monitoring.
22 Jun 2022

CrossBoundary Energy Raises Funds for African Solar Powered Mini-Grids

Africa's first project financing facility for mini-grids, CrossBoundary Energy Access, announced $25 million in new funding commitments from ARCH Emerging Markets Partners Limited, Bank of America, and Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund. This investment will leverage an additional $25 million to deploy $50 million of capital into CBEA's near-term pipeline of solar powered mini-grids.
22 Jun 2022

Volvo Trucks Showcases New Zero Emissions Truck

To decarbonize transport, Volvo Trucks already today offers battery electric trucks and trucks that run on renewable fuels, such as biogas. In the second half of this decade, a third CO2-neutral option will be added to its product portfolio - fuel cell electric trucks powered by hydrogen.
21 Jun 2022

Velo3D Sapphire XC 1MZ to Enable Large-format Metal 3D Printing

Velo3D Inc announced a new addition to its Sapphire family of printers with the Sapphire XC 1MZ. The new printer allows customers to print parts one meter in height—with a total build volume that is twice that of the Sapphire XC and nine times larger than the original Sapphire—increasing the addressable use-cases of Velo3D's end-to-end metal additive manufacturing solution.
16 Jun 2022

Ultimaker Complete Metal Expansion Kit for Professional 3D Printing

Ultimaker announced the extension of its Ultimaker Platform with a Metal Expansion Kit, making metal 3D printing more accessible and affordable. Engineers using the new Kit will be empowered to produce applications capable of high mechanical stress and thermal resistance, an impossible task even with high-performance thermoplastics.
15 Jun 2022

How Agricultural Robots Can Help Global Food Supply Shortages

As prices of wheat, fuel, and fertilizer rise, the total costs for farmers have been increasing. Given the intensified financial struggle, together with higher demand for food production, improving farming efficiencies is imminent.
15 Jun 2022

Olympus to Use 100% Renewable Electricity

Olympus Corporation announces that from April 2022, the company has begun to exclusively source 100% of the electricity used at its major R&D and manufacturing sites in Japan from renewable sources.
10 Jun 2022


Stratasys are an American-Israeli manufacturer of 3D printers and materials, and are one of the oldest and most well-known 3D printing companies in the world.
7 Jun 2022

World First Autonomous Transoceanic Voyage of a Large Merchant Ship

Avikus, a subsidiary of HD Hyundai, has successfully carried out autonomous navigation of a large ship across the ocean, becoming the first company in the world to accomplish such a feat. In this ocean crossing, the Prism Couragr equipped with HiNAS 2.0 was operated autonomously on the optimal routes, increasing the fuel efficiency by around 7 percent while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by about 5 percent. Also, the system accurately recognized the locations of nearby ships during operation to avoid collision about 100 times.
7 Jun 2022

Developing a Toolchain to Assess Performance of Wind Energy Systems

The goal of the project is to achieve a better understanding of the unsteady inflow conditions at altitudes above the first layer of air above the ground (the surface layer). The aim is to develop a toolchain to efficiently and effectively assess the performance and reliability of airborne wind energy devices and conventional wind turbines. This is important to site evaluation but also for increasing the wind plant efficiency and making the operation of airborne wind energy systems safer.
1 Jun 2022

Perrone Robotics — Autonomous Retrofitting

Perrone Robotics has been working with autonomous vehicles since 2005 when it was competing in DARPA challenges. In the mid-2010s, Perrone pivoted and moved into commercial autonomous vehicles. Today, Perrone has a refined retrofit product complete with software, as well as a range of commercial partners and customers that are deploying Perrone-powered autonomous vehicles.
26 May 2022


HydroGraph is a Kansas, US, start-up producing graphene via detonation chambers. IDTechEx spoke with Dr Ranjith Divigalpitiya, Chief Scientific Officer at HydroGraph.
26 May 2022

The Waning COVID-19 Pandemic's Lasting Effect on Point-Of-Care

COVID-19 testing at point of care peaked in Q1 2022. Is testing waning? What is COVID-19's lasting effect on point-of-care testing?
25 May 2022

Battery Swapping to Compliment Inadequate Charging Infrastructure

Traditional cable-based charging of electric vehicles (EVs) is now being complemented by another solution: battery swapping. Various swap-enabled vehicles across different segments are now entering the market.