Advances in Thin, Printable Conductors (Printed Electronics USA 2014)

Mr Peter Willaert, Global Marketing Manager Printed Electronics
Nov 20, 2014.


Santa Clara 2014 Presentation - Agfa-Materials*
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Presentation Summary

A prerequisite for the manufacturing of Printed Electronics components and systems is the availability of
conductors and electrodes made from materials that are abundantly available, are highly efficient in terms
of material usage, and reduce waste by supporting additive processing. Such materials should be
compatible with flexible, low-cost substrates like PET and paper, and with installed large-scale
manufacturing. The presentation will show advances in Orgacon™ printable conductors based on 2 different
technologies: PEDOT:PSS and nanosilver. For the former the increasing usage as transparent electrodes in
touch sensors will be discussed. For the latter the patterning, performance and cost advantages vs.
traditional silver flake inks will be discussed.

Speaker Biography (Peter Willaert)

Peter Willaert is Product Manager Printed Electronics in the Advanced Chemicals and Coatings Business Unit of Agfa-Gevaert N.V., Belgium. He started his professional career at Royal Philips Electronics, after which he held various positions at Agfa-Gevaert N.V. in Electronics Engineering of advanced electronic imaging systems, and Business Development for transparent conductive polymers and high-performance smart card films.

Company Profile (Agfa Materials)

Agfa Materials logo
Agfa Materials has a leading position in producing film and related products for the graphical and healthcare industry. Agfa Materials commercializes with ORGACON™ a portfolio of PEDOT/PSS based formulations and printing inks. We recently introduced nano-Silver ink, extending the possibilities for conductive inks in printed electronics. Fields of application for PEDOT/PSS and nano-Silver range from antistatic for optical substrates, transparent conductive flexible electrode for ITO replacement, fine line connectors and printed antennas. More information can be found on
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