Presentations for 2017

3D Printing Europe 2017

3D Printing: A New Dimension In Electronics Prototyping And Manufacturing (10 May)
A New Approach To Rapid Prototyping (11 May)
Additive Manufacturing By Piezo-Jettable Nano Materials (11 May)
Additive Manufacturing Within An Industrial Context (11 May)
Bioink Development And Bioprinting Bio-Based Matrices (11 May)
Direct Metal 3D Printing With Submicron Resolution Using FluidFM® (11 May)
Disrupting Manufacturing With 3D-Printing (10 May)
From Idea - To Launch - Utilising A Network Of Local Skills And Companies To Offer End-To-End Product Development Solutions With 3D Printing In The Prototyping And Manufacturing Process (11 May)
How Functional Generative Design Reshapes Everything (11 May)
How Using Large Format LCD Arrays Can Industrialise 3D Printing (11 May)
HP 3D Printing MultiJet Fusion Technology And Materials Open System (11 May)
Injection Molding Using Rapid Tooling (11 May)
Multi Material 3D Printing Implementation For Injection Molding (10 May)
Possible Applications And Best Practices When Applying Additive Manufacturing. (10 May)
Testing And Qualification In Metal Additive Manufacturing (11 May)
The Metalysis Process - Alloy Design Opportunities For Additive Manufacturing (11 May)
The Rise Of Rapid Printed Electronics (11 May)
Towards The Development Of Performant Silicone Elastomeric Compositions For 3D Printing (11 May)
Transcending 3D Printing (11 May)
Truly Comprehensive Solutions To Produce Ceramic Parts With 3D printing (11 May)
Update On The 3D Printing Industry: Latest Developments And Future Opportunities (10 May)

3D Printing USA 2017

3D Bio Printing Panel Discussion (16 Nov)
3D Bioprinting : Advances In Cartilage Regeneration And Other Tissue Applications (16 Nov)
3D Bioprinting In 2017 (16 Nov)
3D Metal Printing With Submicron Resolution For Micro Object Manufacturing, Surface Manipulation And Conductivity Printing (16 Nov)
3D Printing A New Dimension In Electronics Prototyping And Manufacturing (15 Nov)
BotFactory 2.0 - Pushing The Boundaries In Agile Electronics Development (16 Nov)
Engineering Complex Bioarchitectures To Biomimic Nature: A Step Closer To The Development Of Artificial Organs (16 Nov)
Equipment for 3D Printed Electronics (16 Nov)
How To Develop Custom Creators Using ShapeJS (15 Nov)
Human Tissues On Demand With Next Generation 3D Bioprinting (16 Nov)
Multi-Material Printing Of UV-Curable And Nano-Composites Using Piezo Inkjet Heads (16 Nov)
Novel Testing Method For Accelerated Material And Process Development And Optimization (16 Nov)
Printed Electronics Via Liquid Metal Jetting (16 Nov)
Rapid Tooling For Injection Molding Using 3D Printed Molds (16 Nov)
SABIC And Large Format Additive Manufacturing: Study Of A New Application (16 Nov)
Stop Prototyping Start Producing (15 Nov)
The Next Generation of Industrial 3D Printing (16 Nov)
The Rise Of Rapid Printed Electronics (16 Nov)
Unlocking The Potential Of Additive Manufacturing (15 Nov)

Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. Europe 2017

Advances In Solar Vehicle Technologies (10 May)
Analysis Of The Spoke Motor Architecture For Automotive Traction Applications (10 May)
Asynchronous Motor Instead Of PM Synchronous Motor For Electric Traction Drives - The Advantages And Disadvantages (10 May)
Battery Innovation Makes EVs Suitable For Ride Sharing (11 May)
Buses And Off Road Technology And Markets 2017-2027 (11 May)
Electric Transportation: An Overview Of Road Vehicle, Airplane, Rail And Ship Applications (11 May)
Electric Vehicles: The Melodrama Of The Coming 20 Years (10 May)
Emerging Technology Trends For Electrification Of Off- Highway Vehicles (11 May)
Emission-Free And Competitive eMobility System For Cities (10 May)
Fuel Cell Buses: A solution To Meet Zero Emission Regulations For Transit Agencies (11 May)
In Wheel Motors At The Brink Of Mainstream Adoption (10 May)
Libralato Rotary Hybrid Engine (10 May)
Modelling & Design, From Cells To Systems, For Supercapacitors And Lithium Hybrid Capacitors (11 May)
Moving Solar Vehicle Racing Car Technologies To Real World Uses (10 May)
Powertrain Electrification - Key Element Of The Powertrain (10 May)
Sion: A Solarcar For Everyone (10 May)
Software In Charge - Liability And Self-Driving Cars (11 May)
Solar Car Racing, Where Are We Heading? (10 May)
Superior Vehicle Performance With Light Weight Cables (11 May)
The Necessity For Lightweight Composite Materials In Electric Vehicles (11 May)
The Past, Present And Future Of Connected EV Charging Technologies (11 May)
The Propulsion System Of The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (10 May)
We Electrify The Future (11 May)

Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. USA 2017

Autonomous Vehicles And The Need For An Autonomous Charging Solution (16 Nov)
Bridging The Gap: How Do We Go From Diesel To Electric On Heavy-Duty, Off-Road Vehicles (16 Nov)
BYD Approach (15 Nov)
Electric Vehicles: The Melodrama Of The Coming 20 Years (15 Nov)
Future Of Rare Earth Magnet Supply For The Electric Vehicle Industry (16 Nov)
Governance And Technological Capabilities In E-mobility: International Experience And Lessons For Brazil (15 Nov)
In-Wheel Motors: When, Where, Why? (16 Nov)
Mechanical Stability Of All-Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries (16 Nov)
Optimizing Thermal Management In Electric Vehicles To Improve Performance (16 Nov)
Racing From Student To Autonomous Vehicle Engineer (15 Nov)
Reshaping The World Of Transportation (16 Nov)
Robot Vehicles For Agriculture: Progress To Energy Independence (15 Nov)
Smart System Integration For Future Electric And Autonomous Cars (15 Nov)
Sun Flyer Electric Aircraft Update (16 Nov)
The Energica Formula - Behind The Scenes Of The Leading Street-Legal High-Performing Electric Motorcycle (15 Nov)
The New Era Of Integrated Electric Vehicle Charging: Faster, Cheaper, Lighter, Smarter (16 Nov)
The Race To Embrace Next-Generation Lightweight And Multifunctional Materials In EIEVs (15 Nov)
The Road Ahead: How IoT Is Enabling the Development Of Autonomous Vehicles (16 Nov)
Thinking Differently About Solar, Changing The Power Equation For Electric Autonomous Vehicles (15 Nov)
Transportation Of The Future Today (15 Nov)
Ultra Fast Battery Charging With Minimal Cycle Life Degradation (16 Nov)
Zero Motorcycles' Revolutionary Passively Air-Cooled Interior Permanent Magnet Motor (15 Nov)

Energy Harvesting Europe 2017

"Simply-On" autonomous devices: a complex simplicity (11 May)
Airborne Wind Energy: Wind Power Where Previously Impossible (11 May)
Compliant Triboelectric Generators And Sensors Processed By Large Area Manufacturing (11 May)
Cost Competitive Approaches For Powering LP-WAN IoT Nodes With Harvested Energy (11 May)
Design Of Materials For Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting In IoT Devices: A Materials Modelling Perspective (11 May)
Development Of Energy Harvesting Material For TPMS Sensors (11 May)
Electrodynamic Energy Harvesting: Methods, Opportunities, And A Way Forward (10 May)
Energy Harvesting Or Primary Battery? (10 May)
Energy Harvesting Powered Wireless Sensor Systems That Have Become Reality At Exeter (11 May)
Energy Harvesting: Towards A Greener Future (10 May)
High Volume, Low Cost Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting - The Industrial Solution (11 May)
Imagine this in your City (11 May)
Inductive Power Transfer At MHz Frequencies (11 May)
Manufacturing Technology Of All-Solid-State Thin-Film Lithium Secondary Battery For IoT Applications (10 May)
Nano-Powerplant For On-Chip Autonomous Systems (11 May)
Perovskite Photovoltaics: The Road To Commercialization (11 May)
Powering the Sensor Revolution (10 May)
Presentation by EnerBee (11 May)
Process And Strategies For Developing Self-Powered Sensor Nodes (10 May)
Reliable Printed PV For Indoor Electronics (11 May)
Roll-To-Roll printed TEGs: Meeting The Industry Price Point (11 May)
Scalable Energy Harvesting For Decentralized, Smart, Autonomous Embedded Electronic Applications (10 May)
Self-Powered Wireless IoT Nodes And Beacons For Bluetooth Networks (10 May)
Versatile Energy Harvesting Systems For Self-Powered Wireless Sensors (10 May)

Energy Harvesting USA 2017

Airborne Wind Energy: Wind Power Where Previously Impossible (16 Nov)
Building Integrated Photovoltaic Thermal (BIPVT) System For Energy Harvesting Through Civil Infrastructure Surface (16 Nov)
ClearView Power - Enabling Transparent Solar Windows (16 Nov)
Energy Harvesting Forecasts: Challenges And Paths To Success (15 Nov)
Energy Harvesting Is Not Fiction Anymore (15 Nov)
Energy Harvesting Using The Wiegand Effect - Battery-Less Sensors For The IoT (16 Nov)
Energy Harvesting With Thin-Film GaAs Solar Cells (15 Nov)
Exploring Energy Harvesting, Ultra-Low Power Systems, And The Path To Self-Powered IOT (15 Nov)
How To Eliminate Charging For Wearables And IoT: Case Study (15 Nov)
Impact Of Energy Harvesting On IoT Use Cases (15 Nov)
Ink-Jet Printed Perovskite Solar Modules - From The Lab To The Market (16 Nov)
IP Protection In Thermoelectrics And Photovoltaics (16 Nov)
Materials Design Of Triboelectric Nanogenerators For Biomechanical And Environmental Mechanical Energy Harvesting (16 Nov)
Presentation by Novacab (16 Nov)
RF Energy Harvesting And Wireless Power: Real-World Deployments And Practical Applications (15 Nov)
Step Beyond The Battery Pack: Powering Next Generation Wearables (16 Nov)
Sunlight Harvesting Quantum Dot Window Tints (16 Nov)
What Is Right For Your IoT/Wearable Product - Making Sense Of The Wireless Power Alphabet Soup (15 Nov)
Wireless Power- The New Frontier (15 Nov)

Energy Independent Electric Vehicles 2017

Commercializing A 100 kW, Mobile Airborne Wind Energy System: Potentially For Ships And Land Use (28 Sep)
Energy Independent Drones: Super Efficient Photovoltaics (28 Sep)
Energy Independent Electric Vehicles Land, Water, Air 2017-2037: Market Forecasts, Technology Roadmap (27 Sep)
Energy Positive Drones: Airborne Wind Energy - Electricity Generation Aboard Ships and Direct Ship Propulsion (28 Sep)
Energy Supply For Electric Engines Using Koops-GranMat Photon Collectors (28 Sep)
Extreme Lightweighting Including Structural Electronics For EIV (27 Sep)
Future Regeneration and Harvesting: Triboelectric Tires, Dielectric Elastomer Generator/ 6D Motion Harvested Boats, EH suspension (27 Sep)
Highly Efficient Solar Powered Vessels On Seas (28 Sep)
Lessons From EIVs In Action: The Eight Winning Factors To Move Towards A World With Electric Vehicles (27 Sep)
Lightyear: First Solar Family Car on Market (27 Sep)
Luminescent Solar Concentrators: The Next Generation Of Transparent PV Devices (28 Sep)
New Approach to Inflated Solar Aerial Vehicles, Self-Powered Dynamic Systems, Bio-inspired Micro Air Vehicles (27 Sep)
Progress Towards Multi Mode Energy Harvesting And Smaller Lighter Energy Storage in EIV's (27 Sep)
Quasi-Independent Ships (28 Sep)
Reducing Weight And Optimizing Volume With Injection Molded Structural Electronics (27 Sep)
Renewable Traction Project - Providing Solar Power To Our Trains (27 Sep)
Robot Vehicles For Agriculture: Progress To Energy Independence (27 Sep)
Scoozy, The Next Generation Mobility Scooter: Example Of Spin-Off Technology From EIV Programmes (27 Sep)
Sion. A Solarcar For Everyone (27 Sep)
The Future of Photovoltaics for Energy Independent Vehicles (28 Sep)
The Path Towards More And More Energy Independent Fully Electric Vehicles: Examples Of Safe-Secure-Efficient Road, Air And Water Vehicles (27 Sep)

Energy Storage Innovations Europe 2017

Aluminum Batteries: Sustainable Alternative To Lithium-Ion Systems (11 May)
Boehmite - A Better Alternative For LiB Separator Coating To Prevent The Thermal Runaway (11 May)
Boosting Battery Energy Density With Pure Silicon Anodes (11 May)
Carbon-Ion, A Safer, Faster Charging Alternative To Lithium-Ion Batteries (11 May)
Consideration Of The Use Case And The Mission Profile For Dimensioning The Energy Storage Solution Of A Smart Object (10 May)
Cost Leadership With HBr Flow Battery Technology (10 May)
Energy Storage Innovations: Disrupting The Energy Sector Or Being Disrupted From Within? (10 May)
Flexible Energy Storage: The Importance Of Thickness (10 May)
Gas Issues Affecting Reliability And Safety In Li-ion Batteries (11 May)
High Temperature Solid State Batteries For Industry 4.0 And Smart Vehicles (10 May)
Imagine A New Tomorrow: (11 May)
Innovation To Cost - PO-Celltech's Hybrid Alkaline Supercapacitor (HAS) And Fuel Cell Solutions (11 May)
Polymer-Based Redox-Flow-Batteries (10 May)
Printing Of Electrode Materials For Innovative Solid State Lithium Ion Microbattery (10 May)
Recent Innovations In Lithium Ion Ceramic Batteries (10 May)
Redox Flow Batteries - Markets, Technologies, Forecasts (10 May)
Solid-State Lithium Battery Solution For Wearable, EV And Industry (11 May)
The Lithium-Ion Capacitor, An Internally Hybridized System Combining Advantages Of Electrochemical Capacitors And Lithium-Ion Batteries (11 May)

Energy Storage Innovations USA 2017

A Lean And Efficient Approach For Commercializing Rechargeable Lithium Metal Cells (15 Nov)
Batteries With Wings: SolidEnergy's 450 Wh/kg Technology Is Here! The Renaissance Of Lithium Metal To Empower The Future Of Transportation And Connectivity (15 Nov)
Battery Longevity Extension By Charging Algorithm To Reduce IOT Cost Of Ownership (16 Nov)
Decoupling Battery Runtime Concerns With High Energy Density Supercapacitors (15 Nov)
Energy Storage Innovations: Disrupting The Energy Sector Or Being Disrupted From Within? (15 Nov)
EnergyPod 2: Not Your Father's Flow Battery (16 Nov)
High Energy Density And Specific Energy Silicon Anode-Based Batteries (15 Nov)
How Automakers Are Driving Energy Storage Adoption (15 Nov)
Impermeable Bipolar Plate Materials: Simple Is The New Advance (16 Nov)
Making Energy Storage Bankable (16 Nov)
Miniaturized Reference Electrode For Improving Battery Safety And Recharge Rate (15 Nov)
Novel Low Cost / High Performance Sodium Chloride-Metallic Sodium Batteries (15 Nov)
Optimization For The Lowest Cost Of Usage Lithium Ion Battery Technology (16 Nov)
Printed Planar Supercapacitors And Lithium Ion Batteries By Modular Manufacturing (15 Nov)
Providing Low Cost Lithium From Alternative Sources (16 Nov)
Prussian Blue Batteries For High Power Stationary Applications (16 Nov)
Semi-Transparent All Solid State Lithium Microbatteries For Smart Glass (16 Nov)
Silicon-Dominant Li-ion Cells For 5-Minute Extreme Fast Charging (15 Nov)
Sion Power's Licerion® Batteries (15 Nov)
Smart Cells, Variable Pack, 3 Minute Charge (15 Nov)
Supercapacitors For Energy Management In Autonomous Sensor Nodes (16 Nov)
The Shift Towards Long-Duration Storage: The Advantages Of Zinc-Based Batteries (16 Nov)

Graphene Europe 2017

Challenges Of Graphene Production For Graphene Battery Commercialization (11 May)
Enhancing The Application Of Graphene Through Large-Scale Production (10 May)
Graphene And Carbon Nanotubes: Existing And Future Markets (10 May)
Graphene Based Supercapacitors Fabricated Using Spray Coating :Recent Results And Short Term Perspectives (11 May)
Graphene Role In Next Generation Lithium-Sulfur Batteries (11 May)
High-Speed Printable Electronics Using Graphene (10 May)
Insights By Characterization Of Large Area Graphene Along The Process Chain (11 May)
Latest Advances In Graphene Enhanced Polymer: The Wonder Of CamGraph® Graphene (11 May)
Opportunities For Graphene In The Electronics Industry (10 May)
Polymer Thick Film Inks For Advanced Sensor Applications (11 May)
Removing The Volume And Cost Barriers To Economic Graphene Commercialisation (10 May)
Standard Graphene rGO and its Applications In Market (10 May)
Tailor Common Thermoplastics To Achieve Uncommon Performance Using Few Layer Graphene (10 May)
Transparent Conductive Films: The New Phase Of Market Growth (11 May)
Tuball ™ Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes: Health, Safety & Environmental Issues (11 May)

Graphene USA 2017

Advances In Graphene Based Composites And Specialty Sensors (15 Nov)
Graphene For Energy Storage Innovations (16 Nov)
Graphene For Sensor Applications (15 Nov)
Standard Graphene's Products And Applications (15 Nov)
The Future Of The Graphene Industry - Quality AND Quantity! (15 Nov)
Ton Scale Production Of Graphene And Its Applications On Energy Device And Composite Material (16 Nov)

Internet of Things Applications Europe 2017

Building The Internet Of Things With Raspberry Pi (10 May)
Disrupting Retail Analysis With BonAir (Bonbon Analytics) (11 May)
From Flexible Electronics To Ubiquitous Electronics: New Needs, New Opportunities (10 May)
High Performance Yet Low Cost Sensors (11 May)
Indoor And Outdoor Positioning In The Internet of Moving Things (11 May)
Interoperability In The Industrial Internet Of Things (11 May)
IoT Innovation - The Internet Of Agriculture (10 May)
IoT Ready Self-Powered Sensor Platform Using Ultra Low Power Wireless Wake-Up Technology (11 May)
IoT: A Target Rich Environment (10 May)
Low Power Wireless Communication, Strategy, Security And Standards (11 May)
Make A Device Online: Interfacing An Embedded Software To The IoT (10 May)
Making Retailers Very Profitable Again (11 May)
Precision Farming: Wireless Sensors To Improve Crops And Agricultural Management (10 May)
Protect And Enhance Your IoT Business (11 May)
Relevance In The IoT Ecosystem (10 May)
Scaling - Your Real IoT Challenge (10 May)
Smart City Strategy Of Berlin: Potentials And Opportunities, Networks And Running Projects (10 May)
Sound As A Networking Medium, And The Role Of Simplicity In IoT (11 May)
The Internet of Stuff - Global Resources Online (11 May)
The Internet Of Things Is A Service Application (10 May)
The Road Ahead: How IoT is Shaping the Automotive Industry (10 May)
Using Digitisation And IoT To Optimise Operations Across The Value Chain In An Aerospace Company (10 May)

Internet of Things Applications USA 2017

An Introduction To IoT And Its Impact On Society (15 Nov)
Autonomous Drive: Winning With Adaptability (16 Nov)
Beyond Bitcoin: Can We Extend Blockchain To IoT? (15 Nov)
Beyond The Supply Chain- How Quantifying Shelf Life Makes You Money And Provides A Platform For Premium Pricing (16 Nov)
Facing The Challenges Of Vibration Energy Harvesting In Fully Encapsulated Wireless Sensors (16 Nov)
How Advanced IoT Technology Can Create The Connected Workplace Of The Future (16 Nov)
Industrial IoT Wireless Sensor Networks - Scaling To 48,000 Nodes (16 Nov)
IoT Edge Computing And Smart Buildings (16 Nov)
IoT Enabling Elevator Conversations Worldwide (16 Nov)
IoT: Are We There Yet (15 Nov)
Overcoming Adoption Barriers To Achieve Mass IIoT Deployment (15 Nov)
Overcoming The Connectivity Challenge Limiting IoT Innovation (15 Nov)
RAIN RFID Is A Key Enabler Of The Internet Of Things (16 Nov)
RAIN RFID Is A Key Enabler Of The Internet Of Things (16 Nov)
Scaling IoT With Battery Free Bluetooth - The Technology And The Applications (16 Nov)
Sensor Data On The Edge Of A Nervous Breakdown Or Of Greatness? (15 Nov)
SMART Colorimetric Sensor Platform For Air Chemical Detection (16 Nov)
The Role Of Consumer Electronics In IoT (15 Nov)
Using IoT To Reimagine The Familiar Products Of Yesterday (16 Nov)
What Makes a City Smart? (16 Nov)
Whitelabel The Future: How Platforms Will Streamline The IoT Revolution (15 Nov)

Printed Electronics Europe 2017

3D Printed Structural Electronics At TNO - AMSYSTEMS Center (10 May)
Activating Every Surface In Cars With Organic Conformable Displays And Sensors (11 May)
Advances in Thin, Printable Conductors (11 May)
All Advantages From Hybrid Approach Of Digital Printing For Multi-Material Functional Components Manufacturing. (11 May)
Automotive Interior And Exterior Surfaces: Multifunctional Plastic Components (10 May)
Conductive Copper Ink (11 May)
Contract Manufacturing And Engineering In Flexible Electronics (11 May)
Digital Fabrication Of Integrated Electronic Systems (11 May)
Elastomer Stamp Microassembly Of Diverse Hybrid Devices (10 May)
Electric Conductive Paste -DOTITE- for Printed Electronics (11 May)
Enabling The Niches: When Glass Doesn't Fit. (11 May)
Energy Harvesting Powering Flexible Displays In Outdoor Advertising (11 May)
First Flexible GaN-Based Electronics: Light Emitting Sheets (11 May)
Flexible AMOLED, Flexible Life! (11 May)
Flexible Electronics For Smart Packaging And Interactive Games (11 May)
Hybrid Integration Of Thin Silicon Devices On And In Flexible Film Substrates (10 May)
Inkjet Printing: A Disruptive Manufacturing Equipment Solution For Flexible And Large-Size OLED Mass Production (11 May)
Merging Design And Function Through Conductive Inks And Photonic Curing (11 May)
Merging Form And Function With Injection Molded Structural Electronics (10 May)
New Technologies For R2R Printed Electronic Products (11 May)
Present And Future Of OLED Lighting (11 May)
Present Progress In Flexible Hybrid Electronics Technology (10 May)
Printed Electronics And Additive Microelectronic Packaging For RF/Microwave Applications (10 May)
Printed, Hybrid And Flexible Electronics - Status, Forecast, Innovation And Opportunities (10 May)
Printing Of Nano And Microelectronics And Sensors (11 May)
Reflective Digital Out Of Home Displays Made Possible By Electro-Wetting (11 May)
Seeing Is Believing: Advancements In Future Display Technologies (11 May)
Submicron Printing Of Nanomaterials For Printed Electronics (11 May)
Translating Flexible Hybrid/Printed Electronics Into Innovative Human-Machine Interface (HMI) And IoT Solutions (11 May)
Turning Human Interactions With Conductive Material Into Sound And Music (11 May)
Welcome And Introduction (10 May)

Printed Electronics USA 2017

Advanced Inkjet Printing: Enabling The OLED Display Revolution (16 Nov)
Anisotropic Particle-Filled Polymer Films Structured By Electric Fields - Technology, Applications And Markets (16 Nov)
Conductive Floating Tube Technology As An EMI Shielding Solution Using Spray Coating Process (16 Nov)
Connected Electronics: Creating New Trends In Flexible Circuits & Sensors Industries (15 Nov)
Customizable Low-Power NFC Products (16 Nov)
Elastomer Stamp Microassembly Of Diverse Hybrid Devices (15 Nov)
Electroactive Fluorinated Polymers For Organic Electronics (16 Nov)
Electroninks: A Materials Centric Approach To Printed Electronics (16 Nov)
Five Industrial Companies Using Low Cost, High Volume IoT (16 Nov)
Flexible Organic LCD Mass Production: A Game-Changer For Consumer Electronics And Automotive Applications (16 Nov)
Frustrated eTIR (16 Nov)
Fully Flexible "Flexionet" Film Technology (16 Nov)
Functionalizing Structures Via Aerosol Jet 3D Printed Electronics (15 Nov)
High Performance Screen Printing In Printed Electronics Applications (16 Nov)
High-Performance Organic CMOS Circuits - Innovation and Opportunities (16 Nov)
Integrating Printed Batteries Into The Internet Of Everything (16 Nov)
Integrating Printed Electronic Elements (16 Nov)
Introducing Materials With High Magnetic Permeability For RFID And Automotive Battery Case Applications (16 Nov)
It Aint Virtual Anymore (16 Nov)
Key Enabling Technology For Printing-Based Patch-Type Stretchable Hybrid Electronic System (16 Nov)
LED Display - Beyond Digital Signage (16 Nov)
Leveraging Flexible Hybrid Electronics To Provide Customer Solutions (15 Nov)
Materials For Printed Organic Electronics: From Materials To Applications (16 Nov)
Merging Form And Function With Injection Molded Structural Electronics (15 Nov)
Nanosilver: Turning Features Into Benefits (16 Nov)
Next-Generation User Interface Technologies (16 Nov)
Non Contact Materials Deposition With Aerosol Jet® Or Ink Jet Or Both? (16 Nov)
Operationalizing Printed Electronics & Additive Manufacturing To Enhance Warfighter Capabilities And Strengthen The Organic Industrial Base (15 Nov)
Organic Vapor Jet Printing: A Solvent-Less, Mask-Less Patterning Technology For OLED Displays (16 Nov)
Photonic Delamination Of Polyimide Films For Display Applications (16 Nov)
Polyester Film Substrates For The Next Generation Of Flexible & Formable Electronics (16 Nov)
Printable Electro-Optic State Indicators For IoT And Healthcare (16 Nov)
Printed Electronics: The Roles In Intelligent Packages (16 Nov)
Printed, Hybrid And Flexible Electronics - Status, Forecast, Innovation And Opportunities (15 Nov)
Reflective Digital Out Of Home Displays Made Possible By Electro-Wetting (16 Nov)
Reinventing RFID (16 Nov)
Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) The Future Of Haptics (16 Nov)
The Clash Of Silicon Valley And Racing (15 Nov)
Transparent Antennas (15 Nov)
Welcome And Introduction (15 Nov)

Sensors Europe 2017

3D Printing Of Flexible Circuits And Sensors (10 May)
3D Ultrasound Sensor - Bat Vision For Electronic Devices (11 May)
Biowatch: A Wearable Biometric Solution (10 May)
Cross-linked Sensors For Smart Home And Internet Of Things (11 May)
Environmental Sensing In Consumer Applications (11 May)
Fingerprint Sensing - Moving Beyond The Button (10 May)
Fully Printed Sensors For Realizing Intelligent Surfaces (10 May)
Gas Detection For Mobile Platforms, IOT And Industrial Applications (10 May)
Highly Sensitive And Selective Chemical Sensing With Organic Nanofibers (11 May)
How Printed Image Sensors Are Reshaping The Landscape Of The Biometrics Market (10 May)
Innovations In Sensors And Their Market Potential (10 May)
IoT Solutions For Wildlife Protection (10 May)
Low Power Heart Rate Sensing For Wearable Devices (11 May)
Peek Into The Human Metabolism (11 May)
Photonic Sensors For Medical Applications (11 May)
Presentation by PST Sensors (11 May)
Screen-Printing Of Biosensors For Sweat Analysis In Sports Wearables (11 May)
Smart Building - Real Market or just Marketing? (11 May)
Soft Condensed Mater Sensor Structures For Soft Body Dynamic And Vital Function Monitoring (10 May)
Voice Biometrics Sensors (10 May)

Sensors USA 2017

A Front End For The Digital Health Ecosystem (16 Nov)
Add Voice Commands To Wearable Consumer Products (16 Nov)
Bioelectronic Medicine (15 Nov)
Design Considerations For Biomedical Applications Using Thin-Film Tactile Force Sensors (16 Nov)
Enabling Enterprise Productivity Through Realistic Haptic Feedback (16 Nov)
Fingerprint Sensor Integration (15 Nov)
Flexible Sensors And Energy Harvesters (15 Nov)
Fully Printed Sensors For Realizing Intelligent Surfaces (15 Nov)
Green Solvents Used In Piezo Sensors Production (15 Nov)
High-Multiplex Semiconductor Device To Detect, Quantify And Genotype Infectious Agents (16 Nov)
Hybrid Flexible Electronics Solutions For Smarter, Interconnected Products (15 Nov)
Industrial Internet Of Things: The Impact Of Emerging Flexible And Stretchable Technologies (15 Nov)
Inner Magic™ Virtual Gesture Sensors For Mobile, VR & IoT (16 Nov)
Innovations In Sensors And Their Market Potential (15 Nov)
Miniaturized Infrared Temperature Sensor (15 Nov)
Nanotechnology Gas Sensors - The Disruptive Technology That Will Change Our Lives Forever (15 Nov)
Reading The Human Mind | The Advent Of Non-Contact Neuro Monitors (16 Nov)
Smart E-Nose Sensors For IoT (15 Nov)
Sonar On A Chip: MEMS Ultrasonic Time-Of-Flight Sensors (15 Nov)
Taking Wearables To A New Frontier With Tissue-Integrating Sensors (16 Nov)
Using Ultrasound To Enable Touch in the Digital World (16 Nov)

Wearable Europe 2017

A Novel Design Of The Physiological Monitoring E-Textile (11 May)
A Smart Needle To Enable Precise Needle Positioning During Anaesthetic Procedures (11 May)
Advanced Optical Solutions For New Visualization Applications (10 May)
AR And Smart Glasses, Past, Present, And Future (10 May)
Are You Ready For The New World of Business? (10 May)
Carin - Innovation For Life (11 May)
Clinical Applications In Motion Analysis With Wearables (11 May)
ClothCall - Directional-Aware Smart Clothes (11 May)
Connected, Continuous & Coordinated: How mHealth Improves Standards Of Care And Enables Connected Therapies In Order To Improve Therapies And Outcomes (11 May)
Digital Transformation Through AR And VR (10 May)
E-Thread™ Technology: The Revolutionary Toolkit To Embed Electronics At The Heart Of Textile And Plastic Materials (11 May)
Electrically Conductive Cotton Yarns (11 May)
Glass@Service: Interaction With Smart Glasses In Industry (10 May)
Haptics Transformation Through SMA For A More Accurate Feeling (10 May)
How To Develop Technology That Is Strong And Invisible At The Same Time (11 May)
iinMotion by Teiimo - A New Sports Experience (11 May)
New Disposable Sensor Platform Generation For Emerging Sports Applications (11 May)
Ovulation Tracking Fertility - This Data Will Change Your Life, Forever! (11 May)
Road Mapping Bioelectronic Medicine (10 May)
SatisFactory Project (10 May)
Senses Not Sensors: Feelings Are The Future Of Wearables (11 May)
Textile Electrodes - A New Paradigm!? (11 May)
The Application Of Real-Time Interactive 3D VR Simulation (10 May)
The Future Of Healthcare: Sensors Improving Patient Care (11 May)
The Journey From 1 Million To 1 Billion (11 May)
Ultra-Low Power OLED Microdisplay In Wearable Near-To-Eye Visualization (10 May)
Visions In VR: Industry Insights Into The Creative Landscape. (10 May)
Vital Signs Out Of The Ear (10 May)
Wearable Sensors & Data Analytics in Clinical Trials (11 May)
Wearable Technology In 2017: As The Hype Fades (10 May)

Wearable USA 2017

Are AR Smart Glasses Dead (15 Nov)
Beyond Sensing: Wearables For Thermal Comfort And Human Strength Augmentation (16 Nov)
Closing Keynote for Wearable Technology Panel Discussion (16 Nov)
ClothCall - Directional-Aware Smart Clothes (16 Nov)
Connecting The Dots: Experiments In e-Textiles (16 Nov)
Digitalizing sports: Expanding Sports Analytics From Professional Athletes To All Performance Levels (16 Nov)
Enabling Technologies For AR And VR Smartglasses (15 Nov)
Fabric Sensors Enable Affordable Data Glove (15 Nov)
Functionalizing Textiles (15 Nov)
Human Augmentation With Wearable Robotics (15 Nov)
Human Health And Monitoring Systems Go Flexible (16 Nov)
Machine Learning, Medical Wearables That Can Detect And Analyze Troubling Coughs. (16 Nov)
Medical Biosensors Are Moving To The Point-of-Care (16 Nov)
Novel Sensing Technology For Real Time Eye-Tracking Using Electrooculography (EOG) In Virtual And Augmented Reality (15 Nov)
Rapid Prototyping Smart Garments To Win Faster In The Mass Market (16 Nov)
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