SMART Colorimetric Sensor Platform For Air Chemical Detection (Internet of Things Applications USA 2017)

Mr Ray Chiu, Founder & CEO
United States


USA 2017 Presentation - BioInspira*
USA 2017 Audio Presentation - BioInspira*

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Presentation Summary

We create bio-based chemical sensor array with receptors designed to accurately target gaseous molecules with high sensitivity and selectivity. This allows the development of an economical, small, sensitive, and power efficient sensor platform for the real-time and remote monitoring of toxic gases, and would drastically change the way hazardous gas monitoring is conducted in the industry.

Speaker Biography (Ray Chiu)

Ray is the founder and CEO of BioInspira. Prior to founding BioInspira, Ray had been working as a graduate researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab for two years, focusing on phage-based chemical sensor, the core platform technology of BioInspira.
Ray finished his Masters in Bioengineering at UC Berkeley and B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering at National Taiwan University, specializing on sensing technology, biomaterials and microfluidics system.

Company Profile (BioInspira)

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BioInspira harnesses biology to transform modern industry infrastructure by providing low cost and highly accurate interconnected sensor networks for realtime detection of air chemicals.
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