Presentations for 2018

3D Printing Europe 2018

3D Bioprinting Of Human Soft Tissues (12 Apr)
3D Printed Electronics - Rapid Prototyping Of PCBs With BotFactory 2.0 To Accelerate Product Research And Development (11 Apr)
3D Printing Cost Analysis Considerations. From Prototyping To Manufacturing With MJF (11 Apr)
3D Printing: High Resolution For Free... (11 Apr)
Additive Manufacturing In Precious Metals And Its Use In The Jewellery industry (12 Apr)
Additive Manufacturing With Arc And Wire (3DMP®) - Actual Status And Potentials Of A Promising Technology (12 Apr)
Bioprinting 3D Mini-Organs - The Science Fiction Is Real (12 Apr)
Creating The Uber Of Consumer Electronic Product Manufacturing (11 Apr)
How Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) Revolutionize Dental Implant (12 Apr)
Inkjet Printing Data Path Challenges In Emerging Printing Applications (12 Apr)
Materials And Methods: An Insight Into Developments Within Ricoh And R&D Activities (12 Apr)
Meeting The Multimaterial Challenge For 3D Printed Electronics (12 Apr)
Pinpoint AM Of Complex 3D µ-Structures Of Pure Metal (12 Apr)
Print Heads For Viscous Fluids Of Tomorrow (12 Apr)
Print to Perform: Digitally Accelerating 3D Printing (12 Apr)
Printed Electronics' Missing Link (11 Apr)
Quo Vadis - Tissue Engineering (12 Apr)
Scalable 3D Printed Electronics - From Fully Additive to High Volume Manufacture (11 Apr)
Towards Integrating Electronics in 3D Printed Parts (12 Apr)
Ultra-Fast UV-LED Curable, Nano-Composite Toughened Epoxies For 3D Printing (12 Apr)
Unlocking The Potential Of Additive Manufacturing (11 Apr)

3D Printing USA 2018

3D Metal Printing: When To Use It And Design Pitfalls (14 Nov)
3D Printed Electronics - Rapid Prototyping Of PCBs (14 Nov)
3D Printing PEEK, ULTEM, And Other Engineering Thermoplastics With Open-Material Systems (15 Nov)
A 29 Meters Concrete 3D Printed Bridge In The Netherlands (15 Nov)
A Bite Of The Future: Dentistry's Digital Revolution (15 Nov)
A Revolution In Composite Manufacturing - Introducing Digital Additive Manufacturing Of Thermoplastic Composites (15 Nov)
Additive Manufacturing For Surgical Tools And Implants (15 Nov)
Advanced Titanium For Additive Manufacturing (14 Nov)
AI-Based Workflow Software For Medical 3D Printing: Examples Of Clinical Trial And Application (15 Nov)
Aligning Molecular And Structural Dynamics In Fused Deposition Modelling Of Polylactides For Enhanced Biomedical Performance (15 Nov)
Asset Roadmaps: Key Lessons For Growth In Additive Manufacturing And Printed Electronics (14 Nov)
BioAssemblyBot® Agile Manufacturing Processes (15 Nov)
Breaking The Boundaries Of Metal Additive (14 Nov)
Carbon-Fiber Footprint Puts Markforged Step Ahead Of The Competition (15 Nov)
Digital Footwear Manufacturing And Reactive Elastomer Printing (15 Nov)
Digital Printing Technique Of Conductive Inks And New Method Of Increasing Line Height (14 Nov)
Graphene/GO Doped HAPTIC 3D Coatings For Textile Applications (15 Nov)
Heterogeneous Additive Printing Of 3D Materials (15 Nov)
Inks For Smart Surfaces (15 Nov)
Manufacturing LED Lighting Products Employing FDM 3D Printing Technology (15 Nov)
Micro 3D Metal Printing - For Science And Industrial Application (14 Nov)
Multi-Material 3D Printing: Consider The Whole Workflow! (14 Nov)
Print To Perform: Validated And Deployed Solutions For Additive Manufacturing (14 Nov)
Printed Electronics' Missing Link (14 Nov)
Rapid Prototyping: How Using 3D Printing And 'Multi-Typing' Can Reduce Costs, Time And Waste When Engineering Medical Device Prototypes (15 Nov)
Scalable 3D Printed Electronics - From Fully Additive To High Volume Manufacture (14 Nov)
Sustainable 3D Printing With Recycled Carbon Fiber (15 Nov)
Unlocking The Potential Of Additive Manufacturing (14 Nov)

Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. Europe 2018

(11 Apr)
3D LiDAR Sensor-Technology - Driving The Autonomous Revolution (12 Apr)
AI In Delivery (12 Apr)
Aluminum-Foam-Sandwiches - A Lighter Future For Car Bodies (11 Apr)
Autonomous Vehicles In Berlin: Chances And Challenges (12 Apr)
Batteries For Future Automotive Electrification (11 Apr)
Challenges And Chances: Electrification Of Powertrains In Changing Industrial Markets (12 Apr)
Electric Motorcycles: The Next Step In Motorcycle Industry's Evolution (11 Apr)
Electric Vehicles: The Melodrama Of The Coming 20 Years (11 Apr)
Electric Vehicles: Trends And Updates (11 Apr)
Electrify The Future Of Business Aviation (11 Apr)
Extreme Fast Charging Of Battery Electric Vehicles At 1,000kW, With The Goal Of A 300+ Mile (500km) Range In 5 Minutes (12 Apr)
Flexibility For Commercial Vehicles With Electric Drive Systems From Siemens (12 Apr)
From Shielded Cable To Shielded Harness For Vehicle (11 Apr)
Fuel Cell Versus Pure Electric Vehicles - Lessons From China (11 Apr)
Hydrogen Uptake - Is It Time For The Last 'Next Decade'? (11 Apr)
Implementing 13 MW of Charging Infrastructure For 100 E-Buses (12 Apr)
Opportunities Of Autonomous e-Biking (12 Apr)
Renault Trucks Energy Strategy For Future Transportation (11 Apr)
Status Of The Connected Car Industry: Technologies, Implementations, Forecasts (12 Apr)

Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. USA 2018

A Disruptive DC-Link Capacitor Technology For Use In Electric Drive Inverters (15 Nov)
Ambient Energy Enables Ubiquitous Automotive Sensing (15 Nov)
Autonomous Mobility: The Opportunity Beyond Cars (15 Nov)
CONNEXX Systems - Second-Life Batteries For Stationary Energy Storage Systems With Solar Power Generation (15 Nov)
Electric Vehicles: The Melodrama Of The Coming 20 Years (14 Nov)
Extracting Value From Second-life Electric Vehicle Batteries (15 Nov)
GaN And Electric Vehicles - A Small Change That Can Revolutionize The Industry (15 Nov)
Heavy Tow Carbon Fiber For Lightweighting Electric Vehicles (14 Nov)
High Efficiency, Fast Wireless Charging Of Electric Vehicles (15 Nov)
Innovative Materials For The Cockpit Of The Future (14 Nov)
Mobile Charging To Enable The EV Ecosystem (15 Nov)
Opportunities and Tradeoffs in LIDAR Technology (15 Nov)
POSCO EV Solution From BIW To Battery Pack (14 Nov)
Status Of The Electric Bus Market: Implementations, Trends And Technologies (14 Nov)
System Level Vehicle Model Development Of Light Heavy Duty Battery Electric Vehicle In GT-Suite (14 Nov)
The Essential Role Of LiDAR Technology In Shaping Our Autonomous Future (15 Nov)
The Importance Of Diagnostics On Electric Vehicles (14 Nov)
The Infrastructure For Our All-Electric Future (14 Nov)
The Rapidly Evolving Market For Autonomous Vehicles (15 Nov)
Transforming Regional Travel With 100% Electric Aircraft (15 Nov)
Using Bespoke Software To Accelerate Electrified Propulsion Development In Mobility (15 Nov)
Vehicle Autonomy And Electrification: A Perfect Match? (15 Nov)
Why Solid State LiDAR Is The Key To A Driverless Future (15 Nov)
Why Test When It Only Takes A Moment To Ask - How Keeping A Lithium Cells History Can Increase Future Value (15 Nov)
Wireless Charging With Magnetizable Concrete - An Industrial Perspective (15 Nov)
Zero-Emission Vehicles & Drones: The Future Of Last Mile Delivery (15 Nov)

Energy Storage Innovations Europe 2018

(12 Apr)
0-3D : Forest Based Energy Storage (11 Apr)
Advanced Lithium-Ion 2018-2028: Markets, Trends and Applications (11 Apr)
Boost Your Battery Performance With New-Generation Of Primed Al/Cu Foils (11 Apr)
Boosting Battery Energy Density With Pure Silicon Anodes (11 Apr)
Breakthrough Battery Technology - Using Highly Conductive Polymer Plates To Make Batteries Lighter, More Powerful And Affordable (11 Apr)
Energy Solutions For Wearable Healthcare Devices (11 Apr)
Energy Storage For Off-Grid Applications In Developing Countries (12 Apr)
Energy Storage Innovations: From Gigafactories To Emerging Markets (11 Apr)
Graphene-Based Nanomaterials For Energy Storage Systems (12 Apr)
High Conductivity Solid Composite Electrolyte As The Key Enabler For Micro To Macrostorage (12 Apr)
High Energy Density 3D Solid State Batteries: A Disruptive Next-Gen Technology (11 Apr)
Iron Batteries As Low-Cost Reliable Stationary Storage (12 Apr)
Material Challenges Of Next Generation Batteries (12 Apr)
Nanocarbon Fabric Electrodes For The Electrification Of Transport (12 Apr)
Powering Wearable Technologies (12 Apr)
PowerNET BUS And SHUTTLE Battery (12 Apr)
Silicon/Graphite Composite Materials As Anode For 3D Printed Lithium-ion Microbatteries (12 Apr)
Stable And Sustainable Supply Of Cathode Materials For LIB (11 Apr)
The Future Of Saltwater Based Electrical Energy Storage: Next Generation Saltwater Electrical Energy Storage (12 Apr)
Towards Competitive Lithium Sulfur Batteries (11 Apr)
Towards The Development Of A Safer Battery Management System: A Functional Safety Perspective (12 Apr)
Ultracapacitors - The New Wave. Fresh Ideas, Advanced Technologies, New Players (11 Apr)

Energy Storage Innovations USA 2018

'Fuel Cells For Marine Vessels (15 Nov)
650 Wh/kg, 1400 Wh/L Rechargeable Batteries For New Era Of Electrified Mobility (15 Nov)
Advanced Electrodes For High Performance Ultracapacitors And Batteries (15 Nov)
Advanced High-Energy Capacitors For Efficient Energy Regeneration (15 Nov)
Design, Build,Test (14 Nov)
Energy Storage Innovations: From Gigafactories To Emerging Markets (14 Nov)
Extending UAV Flight Time With Fuel Cells - Intelligent Energy (15 Nov)
Flexible Battery - Unleashing Power For Wearables (15 Nov)
Fuel Cell Power Applied To Heavy Duty Goods Transport (15 Nov)
High Energy Density And Specific Energy Batteries With Silicon Nanowire Anode (14 Nov)
In-situ Instrumentation And Sensors For Smart Energy Storage Systems (15 Nov)
Market & Technology Impact Of New Li-ion Electrolyte Cosolvents (14 Nov)
Metallized Film Lithium Battery Current Collectors Reduce Weight & Cost & Improve Safety (14 Nov)
Novel Chip-Type Ceramic Rechargeable Battery For IoT Application (14 Nov)
Passenger Cars And Commercial Vehicles: Different Approaches, Requirements And Challenges For Advanced Energy Storage Systems (14 Nov)
Printed Batteries: Progress On Scale And Cost, Driving Real Deployments (14 Nov)
Pure Silicon Anodes For High Energy Density Li-ion: Morphology And Production Tool (14 Nov)
Safer, Cheaper, Cleaner Energy Storage... Finally (15 Nov)
Safety And Extreme Fast Charge Li-ion Batteries For EV Applications (15 Nov)
Scaling Decentralized Green Hydrogen (15 Nov)
Supercapacitor-Based Energy Storage: Unlocking The Potential Of A Sustainable Energy Future— Safely, Economically, And Efficiently (15 Nov)
Surface Reactivity Of Silicon Thin Film Electrodes: A Step Forward The Understanding Of The Electrode/Electrolyte Interphase Stability Using Model Electrode Systems For Lithium-ion Batteries (15 Nov)
The California Fuel Cell Revolution - Reaching A Self-Sustaining Market (14 Nov)
The Next-Generation Lithium-ion Battery: 3D Cell Architecture Increases Energy Density And Improves Safety (14 Nov)

Graphene Europe 2018

European Patent Mapping: 2D Materials (11 Apr)
Graphene And Carbon Nanotubes: Existing And Future Markets (11 Apr)
Graphene And Related Materials Deposition Using Spray-Gun Deposition Method: Different Applications And Industrial Implementation (11 Apr)
Graphene Enhanced Composites And Plastics (11 Apr)
Industrial Applications Of Graphene And 2D Boron Nitride (11 Apr)
Many Graphene Forms For Many Applications : How To Choose? (11 Apr)
Opportunities For Graphene In The Electronics Industry (11 Apr)
Solving The Graphene Scale-Up Problem (11 Apr)

Graphene USA 2018

Carbon Nanomembranes - the Other Carbon-Based 2D-Material (15 Nov)
Commercializing Graphene. From The Lab To End Users (15 Nov)
Digital Biosensing By Foundry-Fabricated Graphene Sensors (14 Nov)
Engineering Of Thermal Interface Materials By Aros Graphene® Technology (14 Nov)
Graphene And Carbon Nanotubes: Existing And Future Markets (14 Nov)
Graphene Enhanced Composites And Plastics (14 Nov)
Graphene Enhanced Products (15 Nov)
Graphene Reinforced Rubber Composite For Golf Ball Application (14 Nov)
Graphene-Enhanced Composites - Is There A Real Sales Proposition? (14 Nov)
High Performance Nanofluids For Challenging Heat Transfer Applications (15 Nov)
Industrial-scale Production of Graphene: Challenges and Opportunities (14 Nov)
Labyrinthine Liquid Flow Across Multilayer Graphene-Based Membranes (14 Nov)
Large-Scale, Commercially Viable Graphene (14 Nov)
MICRENS: Microsupercapacitors With Enhanced Energy Densities (15 Nov)
PATit: Advanced Anti-Counterfeit Coding Technology Linking Your Printed Media To Your Smart Phone - Combating At $20bn Market (15 Nov)
Synergetic Effect Of Carbon Black And Graphene Hybrid Filler In Rubber Property Enhancement (15 Nov)

Internet of Things Applications Europe 2018

Amsterdam Smart City (11 Apr)
Customisable Ultra-High Efficiency PV Energy Harvester For Challenging IoT Applications (12 Apr)
Data Enabled Building: Leading The Way (11 Apr)
DCMS 5G Programme Strategy & Structure (12 Apr)
Development Of Energy Harvesting Material For TPMS Sensors (12 Apr)
ECO-System For IoT App Developers, Based On Global oneM2M Standards (11 Apr)
Efficient Design Of Application-Specific Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvesters For Industrial Wireless Sensor Systems (12 Apr)
Enabling IOT With Self-Powered Wireless Sensors By Energy Harvesting (12 Apr)
Fossil Fuel Free City By 2040: The GrowSmarter Project (11 Apr)
From Sensor To Cloud: OPC UA Is The Enabler For Semantic Industrial Interoperability (12 Apr)
IoT: Are We There Yet? (11 Apr)
Large Scale Critical Infrastructure IoT Networks (12 Apr)
Location Intelligence (11 Apr)
Novel Energy Harvesting Inside Constructions And At Power Cables (12 Apr)
Passive Sensor Transponders - Wireless, Battery-Free Sensing With RFID Technology (12 Apr)
Sigfox - Global Wireless Connectivity For IoT Solutions (12 Apr)
TempTraq: A commercial Evolution Of Printed And Flexible Electronics (11 Apr)
The Rapid Rise of RFID: Markets, Trends, Outlook (12 Apr)
Trends In Healthcare And The Opportunities In Printed Electronics (11 Apr)

Internet of Things Applications USA 2018

5G & Industry 4.0 (14 Nov)
Agricultural Sensors: Facilitating Deployment (14 Nov)
AI And IoT Related Intellectual Property Protection In China (14 Nov)
AI Application In Manufacturing: Hear How Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Predictive Maintenance In Manufacturing (15 Nov)
Arrested Development: Legal & Policy Considerations (15 Nov)
Art Augmented Applications, IoT The Art Of Technology (15 Nov)
Autonomous Microsystem Connectivity (15 Nov)
Brand Protection Using Ultra-Small Embeddable RAIN RFID Tags (15 Nov)
Custom Porous Plastic Solutions: Unique Value For Unique Applications (15 Nov)
Customization And Personalization - Manufacturing For The Connected Ecosystem (14 Nov)
Describe How RAIN Technology Is Being Used For IoT And Sensors (15 Nov)
Development Of Energy Harvesting Material For TPMS Sensors (15 Nov)
Driving Value From IoT And The Intelligent Edge (14 Nov)
Five Factors That Are Putting Pressure On Manufacturing To Do Better And How AI Will Help (15 Nov)
Industrial IoT Systems - The Promise And The Practice (15 Nov)
Internet Of Houses - Next Generation Prefabricated Housing Solutions (14 Nov)
IoT Innovations And Trends (14 Nov)
Keeping IoT Secure: Preempting Emerging Cyber Attacks Of Tomorrow (15 Nov)
LoRa Technology For The IoT (14 Nov)
Making Smart-Cities‎ With IoT Buildings & Blocks (14 Nov)
Open Data Exchange For Connected And Autonomous Vehicles (15 Nov)
Opportunities With The IIoT And Micro-services To Make Money At The Edge (15 Nov)
Providing Enhanced Industrial And Commercial Worker Safety Using Innovative IoT Wireless Solutions (14 Nov)
Rain RFID - Giving The IOT A Voice (15 Nov)
RAIN RFID Introduction (15 Nov)
Removing The Barriers To Building Secure Solutions For IoT Systems (14 Nov)
Scaling IoT With Passive Bluetooth And Connected Products (14 Nov)
Toward Autonomy: The People, Process And Technology Challenges (14 Nov)
Using Advances In Ultra-Wideband Radio And Localized Sensor Networks To Develop Customizable IoT Edge Platforms (15 Nov)
Using PdM Temperature Monitoring To Reduce Costs And Risk For Refrigerated Storage In A Life Science Company (15 Nov)
Why Connectivity Matters And What You Need To Know (15 Nov)

Off Grid Energy Independence. Europe 2018

48 Volt Mild Hybrid Update (12 Apr)
Airborne Wind Energy - Reaching Out For New Horizons (11 Apr)
Airborne Wind Energy With A Certified Aircraft (11 Apr)
Autonomous Wind/Solar Off-Grid System For Offshore Platform In The Caspian Sea (KZ) (12 Apr)
Bladetips Energy's Flying Rotor: A New Approach To Wind Power (11 Apr)
Blockchain Enabled Local Energy Markets For Connected Microgrids And Distributed Energy Resources (12 Apr)
Catalysing Off-Grid Solar Markets: Technological Innovation Bringing Light And Power To The Developing World (12 Apr)
Developing And Living With A PV-Centered Microgrid In An Ecovillage Near Silicon Valley (12 Apr)
Electric Boats And Ships: Market Size, Outlook & Trends (12 Apr)
Enabling New Photovoltaic Technologies: Excimer Radiation To Clean, Activate And Pattern Surfaces To Prepare Surfaces Or To Create Organic Printed Circuits (12 Apr)
HBr Flow Batteries Entering Scale Up Phase (12 Apr)
Holistic Simulations Supporting The Transition To A Decentralized Energy System Architecture (11 Apr)
Megawatt Smart Windows? (11 Apr)
Mobile Wind Energy For Off-Grid Power (11 Apr)
Next-Generation Power And Sensor Technologies: A New Perspective On Dual Space-Terrestrial Applications (11 Apr)
Novel Mobile Solar Solutions (12 Apr)
Off Grid Electricity Production And Needs 2018 - 2050 (11 Apr)
Off Grid Zero Emission Desalination (12 Apr)
Perovskite Solar Cells: A New Paradigm In Energy Sector (11 Apr)
Poisons And Alternatives in Electronics/ Electrics 2018-2028 (12 Apr)
Powering The Smart Cities Of The Future With The Glass On Skyscrapers (12 Apr)
Six Degrees Of Motion Energy Harvester (12 Apr)
Solar-Powered Smart Glass Windows: Increase User Comfort And Decrease Energy Consumption In Buildings (12 Apr)
Speed Converter-Controlled River Turbines: Distributed Generation Of Baseload Electricity (12 Apr)
The First Organic Flow Battery (12 Apr)
Transforming The Build Environment With SmartWindows, Power And Data Generating Glass (12 Apr)
Up-Scaling Of Highly Efficient And Stable Perovskite Based PV Modules (11 Apr)

Printed Electronics Europe 2018

A Trillion Reasons Why FlexLogIC™ Will Revolutionise NFC (12 Apr)
Advanced Materials For Flexible Hybrid Thermoelectric Generators (12 Apr)
Advanced Screen Printing For Printed Electronics (12 Apr)
BASF Venture Capital Investment Strategy (12 Apr)
Concept For Full Colour QD-LED Displays (12 Apr)
Current Challenges In Hybridization Of Plastics In The Automotive Industry (12 Apr)
Designing And Characterizing Peratech 3D Force-Sensing Solutions For Real-World Product Integration (11 Apr)
End User Insight Panel (11 Apr)
Excimer Radiation To Clean, Activate And Pattern Surfaces To Prepare Surfaces Or To Create Organic Printed Circuits (12 Apr)
Exploring New Features Of Nano Silver Inks (12 Apr)
Flex-On-Flex Attachments Using Anisotropic Conductive Adhesives (12 Apr)
Flexible AMOLED Opportunities & Challenges Of Display Industry (12 Apr)
Flexible Organic LCDs For Consumer Electronics: Unlocking New Form Factors And Use Cases (12 Apr)
FPD Production Of Flexible Oxide TFT Circuits On GEN2 Substrate: Challenges And Horizons (12 Apr)
High-Permeability Magnetic Materials For RFID And Automotive Applications. (12 Apr)
Hybrid Electronics Integration By Inkjet Technology (11 Apr)
In Mold Electronics: Latest Developments (11 Apr)
Innovative Flexible Digital Printing Solutions with Cutting-edge Deposition Technologies For High-Tech Applications In Printed Electronics And Smart 3D Printing (12 Apr)
Integration Of Emerging And Evolving Technologies To Create Novel Products (12 Apr)
Making The Manufacturing Of Electronics Fully Additive While Maintaining High Quality With VSPARTICLE Technology. (12 Apr)
Merck Organic Semiconductors - From Chemistry To Prototyping (12 Apr)
Merging Design And Function Through Conductive Inks And Photonic Curing (12 Apr)
Merging Form And Function With Injection Molded Structural Electronics (11 Apr)
Performance Of Reflective Electro-Wetting Displays In Out Of Home Applications (12 Apr)
Printed Carbon Sensors For Biomedical Applications (11 Apr)
Printed, Hybrid And Flexible Electronics - Status, Forecast, Innovation And Opportunities (11 Apr)
Printing-Based Stretchable Hybrid Electronics: Strategy And Emerging Applications (12 Apr)
Revolutionizing Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing Of Fully Printed Organic Electronics With In-Line Metrology And Control In Automatic Decision-Making Process (12 Apr)
Saving Sight With Light (11 Apr)
Smart Label Solutions And The Face Of the Internet of Things (12 Apr)
SmartKem: Transforming The Display Industry With Organic Semiconductor Technology (12 Apr)
Towards Electronics Everywhere - Hybrid Integration Case Study (12 Apr)
Wearable 45x80 RGB LED Display With Spiral-Shaped Wiring Technology (12 Apr)
Welcome And Introduction (11 Apr)

Printed Electronics USA 2018

A Good Idea Is A Good Idea. A Good Idea In Market Is Great Idea (15 Nov)
A Novelty: The First Integrated Solution Platform For Digitally Printed Electronics (15 Nov)
Advanced Flexible Hybrid Electronic (FHE) Demonstrators (15 Nov)
Aerosol Jet®, An Evolutionary Electronic Material Dispense Solution (14 Nov)
Agfa Orgacon Inks : Power To The Printer (14 Nov)
Anisotropic Particle-Filled Polymer Films Structured By Electric Fields - Technology, Applications And Markets (14 Nov)
Anisotropic Particle-Filled Polymer Films Structured By Electric Fields - Technology, Applications And Markets (15 Nov)
Applications Of Chemical Sensors Formed With Printable Circuits (14 Nov)
Bando's High Conductive Inks For Printed Electronics (14 Nov)
Cardiac And Neuromodulation Medical Devices - Boston Scientific (14 Nov)
Chemistry Of Novel Displays: EMD Performance Materials For Next Generation Interfaces. (15 Nov)
Design And Development Of Flexible eWriters With Novel Functionalities (15 Nov)
Design Considerations And Manufacturing Process Tradeoff For The Creation Of Printed Electronics Healthcare Devices (14 Nov)
Designing And Making Parts Using Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE™) (14 Nov)
Development Of PE Device By Submicron Resolution R2R Printing Process (15 Nov)
Digital Printing for Multi-Material Functional Components Manufacturing: Printed Electronics And Smart 3D Printing Applications (15 Nov)
Direct Die-Placement Technology For Ultra-Thin Die And Component Placement In FHE Applications (14 Nov)
Electric Conductive Paste -DOTITE- For Printed Electronics (14 Nov)
Electrodynamic Energy Harvesting: Methods, Opportunities, And A Way Forward (15 Nov)
Expanding Fields Of Application For Printed Electrochromics: From Smart Labels And IoT To Ambient Intelligence (15 Nov)
From Materials To Integrated Electronic Devices: The Road To Printed Intelligence (15 Nov)
From Stand-Alone Memory to Printed Systems (15 Nov)
Fully Printed Carbon Nanotube Electronics (15 Nov)
Haptics Transformation Through SMA For A More Accurate Feeling (15 Nov)
Harvesting Energy And Enhancing Endurance With Advanced Photovoltaic Technology (15 Nov)
High Volume R2R And S2S Manufacturing Technologies For Flexible Electronics (15 Nov)
How PARC's Innovation Services Group Rapidly Explores New Applications For Printed Electronics (15 Nov)
Improving The Flow Of Urban Life: Smart Elevators And Escalators Are Here (14 Nov)
In Mold Electronics - New Solutions With Next Generation Materials (14 Nov)
Ink-Jet Printed Perovskite Photovoltaics: From Laboratory To Industry (15 Nov)
Integrating Printed Electronic Elements (15 Nov)
It Aint Virtual Anymore (15 Nov)
Materials And Processes For Multi-Material Printing (14 Nov)
Materials For Encapsulation, Enhancement And Integration Of Organic, Printed And Flexible Electronics (14 Nov)
Merging Design And Function Through Conductive Inks And Photonic Curing (15 Nov)
Nanosilver: Turning Features Into Benefits (15 Nov)
Operationalizing Printed Electronics & Additive Manufacturing To Enhance Warfighter Capabilities And Strengthen The Organic Industrial Base (15 Nov)
Printed And Embedded Advanced Asset Monitoring Sensors (14 Nov)
Printed, Hybrid And Flexible Electronics - Status, Forecast, Innovation And Opportunities (14 Nov)
Process Design Kit (PDK) For Flexible Electronics (15 Nov)
Quick-Turn 3D Printed Multi-Chip Modules (14 Nov)
Recent Progress On Silver Nano-Wire Based Electrode: An Atomically Flat Transparent Conductive Outcoupling Electrode For Flexible Electronics (15 Nov)
Retro-Reflective eTIR Technology (15 Nov)
Saving Sight With Light (14 Nov)
Solar Biobattery: Thin-Film Biophotovoltaic Biobattery Technology (15 Nov)
Stretchable Component Attach Strategies For FHE (15 Nov)
Tailoring The Folding And Stacking Of Graphene Oxide Via Scalable Processes For Energy Storage And Coating Applications (15 Nov)
Technologies For Out-Of-Home & New Applications (14 Nov)
TempTraq: A commercial Evolution Of Printed And Flexible Electronics (14 Nov)
The Birth Of A New Car Brand And The Challenge To Be Different (14 Nov)
The Fusion Of Printed Technologies For Enhanced User Experience In HMI Applications (15 Nov)
The Reality About Energy Harvesting (15 Nov)
The World's First Commercial Printed OLED Display (14 Nov)
Thermal Transferred Printed Electronics (14 Nov)
To Trillions Of Smart Objects And Beyond (15 Nov)
Ubiquitous Display, The Golden Age Of OLED (15 Nov)
Unlocking New Markets For OLEDs With Novel Cathode Materials (15 Nov)
Using Ultrasound To Enable Touch In The Digital World (15 Nov)
Welcome and Introduction (14 Nov)

Sensors Europe 2018

Breathalyser For Daily Asthma Testing (12 Apr)
Examples Of Advanced Semiconductor Sensor Technologies Playing A Key Role In Today's Robotics Applications (12 Apr)
Fingerprint Sensors Become Invisible (11 Apr)
Fit, Form, And Function: Considerations In The Automated Manufacture Of Flexible Printed Electronics For Wearables (11 Apr)
Flexible And Hybrid Electronics - Enabling NFC Sensor Tags For Everyone (12 Apr)
Fully Printed Sensors For Realizing Intelligent Surfaces (11 Apr)
Innovations In Sensors And Their Market Potential (11 Apr)
IOT Solutions Based On Ubiquitous Sensing - Benefits And Challenges In Industrial Applications (11 Apr)
Medical Biosensors Moving To The Point-Of-Care (12 Apr)
Miniaturizing Infrared Sensor Technology: Key To Widespread Adoption In Consumer Electronics, EV And Robotics (12 Apr)
Next-Generation User Interface Technologies (12 Apr)
Printable Nanosensors In Point-Of-Care Breath Diagnostics (12 Apr)
Printed Sensors And Interconnects For On-Skin Electronics And Soft Robotics (12 Apr)
Sensor Systems For Smart Production (11 Apr)
Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) The Future Of Haptics (12 Apr)
Truly Bendable Force & Touch Sensors Enhancing The Interaction Experience (11 Apr)

Sensors USA 2018

Applications And Challenges Of Structural Printing Electronics In Aerospace (15 Nov)
Beyond The Supply Chain- How Quantifying Shelf Life Makes You Money And Provides A Platform For Premium Pricing (15 Nov)
Biometric Sensing Innovations (15 Nov)
Driving Forward: Enabling Smart Machines Of Tomorrow (14 Nov)
Flexible Hybrid Electronics Enabling Structural Health Monitoring For Transportation (15 Nov)
Fully Printed Sensors To Make Your Surface Smart (15 Nov)
How Consumer Wearable Technology Is Driving Innovation In Health And Medical Devices (15 Nov)
Human Pulse Diagnosis for Medical Assessments Using a Wearable Piezoelectret Sensing System (15 Nov)
Innovations In Sensors And Their Market Potential (14 Nov)
Kushushu And Other Developments In Passive UHF Temperature Sensing (15 Nov)
Materials For Medical Sensors (14 Nov)
Multi-Gas RF And RFID Sensors Research At GE: Microsystems Analytics (14 Nov)
Nano Gas Sensor Technology Enabling New Tools In Global Effort To Improve Health And Wellness (14 Nov)
NanoBioSensing. A Powerful New Platform For Real-Time, Continuous, Label-Free Biomarker Monitoring (14 Nov)
New High-Speed 3D Imaging Technology In Printed Electronics Metrology Applications (14 Nov)
OTFT-Based Sensors On Plastic Open Doors To New Applications (15 Nov)
Patrick Levy-Rosenthal, Founder & CEO @ Emoshape Inc. And Architect Of The Emotion Processing Unit (EPU) (15 Nov)
Photonics-Based Sensors For The Commercialization Of Space (15 Nov)
Printed Sensors On Paper For Smart Packaging (15 Nov)
Redefining User Experience Via Force Sensing (15 Nov)
RF Energy Harvesting & Wireless Power: RFID Deployments & Sensor Applications (15 Nov)
Sensing For IoT And Wearables - Enabled By MEMS Sensor Technology (14 Nov)
Sensor Fusion: Trends in Wearable Medical Devices (14 Nov)
Sensors For Ambient Computing (15 Nov)
Sketch-To-Scale™: Overcoming Challenges In Scaling Up Printed Sensor Production (14 Nov)
Stretching the Possibilities: Advances in Sensing Inks (15 Nov)
Structural Health Monitoring Systems - A Pathway To Industrial IOT (15 Nov)
The Future Of Manufacturing: Continuous Fiber 3D Printing (15 Nov)
Unparalleled Situational Awareness: The Cross-Industry Applications Of LiDAR (14 Nov)

Wearable Europe 2018

3D Printed Ophthalmic Lenses As A Key Differentiator For Integrated Smart Eyewear Solutions (11 Apr)
Advanced OLED Microdisplays For Virtual And Augmented Reality Applications (11 Apr)
Bioelectronic Medicine (11 Apr)
Building A Community Of E-Textile Experts (12 Apr)
Can We Make The Body Area Network A Reality For Consumer Technology? (11 Apr)
Connected, Continuous & Coordinated: How mHealth Improves Standards Of Care And Enables Connected Therapies In Order To Improve Therapies And Outcomes (12 Apr)
Developing Stretchable Fibers And Their Implementations In Wearable Electronics (12 Apr)
High Resolution Display Design And Technologies For VR Application (11 Apr)
How to Design Healthcare Devices that Consumers Love? (11 Apr)
Innovations And Market Outlook For E-Textiles (12 Apr)
Maturolife - A Project Where Smart Textiles Technology Meets Design For Assistive Living (12 Apr)
OLED Microdisplays For Advanced AR/VR (11 Apr)
Platformization Boosts The Next Generation Of Wearables (11 Apr)
Printed Electronics In Medical Grade Wearable Sensors (11 Apr)
Screen-Printed Sensors For Sweat Analysis In Sports Wearables (11 Apr)
Smart Standards for Smart Textiles (12 Apr)
TEK-TILES (12 Apr)
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Wearable USA 2018

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Wearable Technology In 2018: As The Hype Fades (14 Nov)
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