Fully Printed Sensors To Make Your Surface Smart (Sensors USA 2018)

Mr Gregor Scheipl, Business Development/Scientist
Joanneum Research


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Presentation Summary

JR-Materials has a long-term experience in the development, characterization, testing and demonstrator implementation of ferroelectric sensors. A screen printable, ferroelectric P(VDF:TrFE) paste, which is used to fabricate a fully printed 2D sensor structure, has successfully been developed and patented (PyzoFlex®). The sensor active material is sandwiched between two electrodes. PyzoFlex®-sensors are able to detect dynamic pressure and temperature changes as well as vibration monitoring, they are energy self-sufficient, large scale, flexible and enable a cost efficient production. Based on this printed sensor technology, there is also know-how for the data processing and communication of the sensor signals (sensor-specific electronics), thus devices can be realized for different application areas (e.g. IoT, consumer electronics, security, cyber physical systems, automotive, wearables, smart living and life science, sport etc.).

Speaker Biography (Gregor Scheipl)

Gregor Scheipl studied earth sciences with focus on petrology and geochemistry at the Karl-Franzens University in Graz. He finished his studies with the applied master thesis: "Purification and chemical characterization of organic semiconducting materials" in 2005. Since 2008 he is employed as a permanent scientist at JOANNEUM RESEARCH/Materials in Austria.
His main interests are fabrication and characterization of physical sensors as well as ferroelectric polymers, pyro‐ and piezoelectricity and printing/imprinting techniques.
Due to the exceptionally high potential and maturity of PyzoFlex® technology, Gregor's focus has shifted to business development in order to successfully commercialize PyzoFlex®.

Company Profile (Joanneum Research)

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PyzoFlex® is a technology by JOANNEUM RESEARCH, a leading international research organisation. PyzoFlex® allows the cost efficient production of large area, flexible and energy self-sufficient sensors for the detection of pressure and temperature changes as well as vibration monitoring and provides opportunities for new products or processes based on Intelligent Surfaces.
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