Hydrogen Uptake - Is It Time For The Last 'Next Decade'? (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. Europe 2018)

Mr Jeremy Bowman, Engineering Director & Co-Founder
Hypermotive Ltd
United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is commonly dismissed by the current mainstream battery electric vehicle development fraternity as a technology which is always ten years away from mainstream. However, hydrogen technology has many key advantages provided the correct applications are selected and cost reduction is achieved.

Speaker Biography (Jeremy Bowman)

As Engineering Director of Hypermotive Ltd, Jeremy leads a team of engineers specialising in development and integration of electrical powertrains including fuel cell and battery systems for a variety of motive applications. His technical background is in controls engineering gained in the aerospace, defence and automotive sectors. Prior to co-founding Hypermotive, Jeremy was chief engineer for Intelligent Energy's 4kW motive fuel cell platform.

Company Profile (Hypermotive Ltd)

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Hypermotive are experienced in automotive electrical and electronics systems, delivering consultancy and custom solutions for electric vehicle integration involving battery, supercapacitor and hydrogen fuel cell systems. Working with automotive OEMs, niche vehicle manufacturers, technology developers and motorsport, Hypermotive's broad capability includes electrical and electronic hardware design, software and controls development, powertrain modelling, mechanical integration and packaging, prototype build and LV/HV harness manufacture.
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