How To Eliminate Charging For Wearables And IoT: Case Study (Energy Harvesting USA 2017)

Akram Boukai, CEO
Matrix Industries
United States


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Presentation Summary

Case Study & Demo: How Matrix designed the PowerWatch, the first smartwatch powered exclusively by body heat. This required fundamental advances in thermoelectric generators, power conversion and heat transfer design. This technology is now available to eliminate charging in IoT wireless sensors, wearables, smart clothing, medical and other wireless devices.

Speaker Biography (Akram Boukai)

Akram obtained his PhD in Chemistry from Caltech, where he co-discovered high-performance silicon thermoelectrics. As a professor at the University of Michigan, his group made a breakthrough silicon thermoelectrics manufacturing that led to the founding of Matrix Industries in 2011. In 2017, Matrix shipped the Matrix PowerWatch, the first Bluetooth SmartWatch powered exclusively by body heat.

Company Profile (Matrix Industries)

Matrix Industries logo
The Matrix PowerWatch is the first Bluetooth smartwatch powered exclusively by body heat. This breakthrough was made possible by advanced thermoelectric generator and power conversion technology. Now your IoT and wearable products can use this same technology to eliminate batteries and charging for wireless products. Wireless wearables, IoT sensors, actuators, beacons and more can now be truly wireless with no need to change or charge batteries.
In 2018 Matrix will demonstrate a wearable that monitors vital statistics in real time via WiFi and makes CELLULAR panic calls powered exclusively by body heat.
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